Google Drive

Search and Manage Your Drive Like a Boss!

As Google items are shared and more are acquired into Google Drive, it can become difficult to locate documents, especially if you’re not keeping your Drive files and folders organized.

Even when items are well organized in your Drive, locating content can sometimes be difficult. Don’t desktop yourself to death in your Drive! Here are eight tips you can use to streamline your ability to find files in your Drive.

  1. Search your Drive by name or keyword - simply type in the file name or keywords, which has autocomplete built in. Once you’ve typed what you want, hit enter to find your results.

  2. Search your Drive by file type - Click on the search box to quickly filter a search by file type. You can also use the advanced search tool by clicking on ‘more search tools’ at the bottom of the search box, or you can select the drop down arrow on the right side of the search bar to immediately access more search tools.

  3. Search your Drive by date modified - Use a specific date or date range to find a file. You can use preset date filter options or customize to find what you’re looking for. [Pic of date search filter options]

  4. Search your Drive by the words your file contains - This will search not only file titles, but the content with them.

  5. Search by Location - Sometimes files have been starred or placed in the trash - Those are searchable areas, as well as any file within your Drive.

  6. Search by Owner - Even if you’re not the owner, you can search the RPS domain for files. Simply choose to search by owner, then enter the owner’s email address.

  7. Search by who the file is shared with - Search for files that have been shared with specific users by typing the email address of the user in the ‘shared with’ search bar.

  8. Search by an exact phrase - Type in an exact phrase with quotes into the search bar.

Think Before You Share

Regardless if you’re a novice or a pro, sharing Google content can be a necessity in our line of work. Think before you share! What type of access do you want to provide your recipients? The only time this does not apply is in a Shared Drive. Check out your accessibility options:

  • Edit - allows recipients to edit your document. This is what you want if you’re looking for collaboration.
  • Comment - allows recipients to view and make comments if you’re looking for feedback.
  • View - allows recipients to view only.

Link Sharing

When you select the share button, a window superimposes over your Google item that allows you to choose your sharing options. If you select ‘Advanced’ in the bottom right corner, you can change the access if your item. If you are going to link share, I suggest you enable your owner settings. One will keep editors from changing access or add new collaborators; the other will prevent anyone from being able to download, copy, or print your Google item.

PRO TIP: Force a Copy

This is the easiest trick if you want someone to have a copy of an item without changing anything in yours. Simply click on the omni box (address bar), move all the way over to the right, and change the word ‘edit’ in your item’s URL to ‘copy'. Then highlight that new link and share with friends.

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