For the poeple. By the people.

Panchayat Raj


Our Agenda. Our Mission.

1. Panchayat on call (Toll Free) - If you are facing sewage, roads, electricity or other social problems call to toll free number. One call for every problem.
2. Panchayat borewell - Drinking water purifier plants. One bore for every ward.
3 Panchayat house construction rebate. Pay only inclusive charges no hidden costs levied.
4. Community parks - for oldaged and retired people.
5. Community halls - for youth unity.
6. 200 Tree plantation for clean and green village
7. 100 Solar powered street lights.
8. Employment for village youths (20nos)
9. Devotional places [Panchayat funds for Temples, Mosques and Church]
10. Clean village schemes and board meetings.


If brought to power we shall full fill above agenda items within six months. If not done within six months I shall withdraw from my Sarpanch Post.

Always yours


Sarpanch desginee.