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The Final Thanksgiving Break

Announcements & Reminders

*Join the ICSJ community this Sunday at Barnes and Noble (Webster Place) from 12-5pm. A percentage of your purchases will benefit our school. (If you cannot attend, consider visiting to support ICSJ online from 11/15/15 to 11/21/15 - enter Bookfair ID 11715828 at checkout.)

*Report cards were backpacked with your child on Thursday, November 12. Please sign and return the acknowledgment form by Monday, 11/16, to your child's homeroom teacher.

*Thank you to all 8th graders who helped out by serving in a role at last Sunday's Confirmation enrollment Mass - Great job! (And a big thank you to our newly trained altar servers!)

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*Check out Miss Foyle's Religion Resources document for links to articles, websites, podcasts, apps and more to help you and your family grow in faith.
Season 1 Episode 2 - Intelligent Worship

Meanwhile in the classroom...

6 LA

Reading Workshop: We are moving right along in The Hobbit - Bilbo found a magical ring and outsmarted Gollum to get out of the cave. Additionally, there was a LOT of excitement surrounding the group's rescue by the eagles from the wolves! Students are continuing to work on vocabulary entries and comprehension question responses in their journals.

Writing Workshop: This week's writing focus was on informational paragraphs. The students began with an outline on their chosen Hobbit topic, and they used their outlines to then form an 8-sentence paragraph. Thursday provided an opportunity for students to type their paragraphs into Google Drive.

Grammar: Students took a GUM quiz on Tuesday, and they reviewed parts of speech on Wednesday in small groups. There will be additional practice on these concepts early next week before a retake opportunity.

6 Religion

The sixth graders focused on God's providence, revelation, and gift of free will this week. Providence is God's divine love for us and revelation describes the times throughout human history when God has revealed Himself and His plan for us. (Think Moses and the burning bush!) Students demonstrated an understanding of these terms through an illustrated exit activity on Tuesday. They also discovered that God wants us to have free will because He wants us as sons and daughters, not slaves. On Thursday, students shifted their focus on Church leadership, specifically the pope. This was studied in light of the fourth mark of the Church: apostolic.

Upcoming Assessment: quiz (11/17) & project (11/19) --> Unit 3 concepts

8 Religion

Happy Birthday to...the Church? Yes, you bet - We learned that Pentecost, when the Apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit 10 days after Jesus' Ascension, is considered the birthday of the Church. We watched various accounts of ACTS 2 online, and read sections from the Bible, noting the change in the Apostles from scared to courageous. (Yes, the Spirit did that!) The students seemed to enjoy the review game best of all, though. On Thursday, we moved into studying about the Apostolic Age and set the stage for the earliest Church councils.

On Friday a representative from the Archdiocesan's CCHD office came to speak to the 8th graders about poverty, which was a great tie-in/wrap-up to our Catholic Social Teaching unit. She also invited them to compete in an art contest incorporating the theme of “Caring for God’s Creation.” (The art contest will take place after the Christmas break.)

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