Tessa Virtue

A Canadian Figure Skater Written by Grace O'Connell

Hi, I'm Tessa Virtue. I competed in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games in figure skating.

I was born on May 17 1989 in London, Canada. I'm 24 years old. My hobbies are golfing, dancing, traveling, photography, fashion, and shopping. I started skating when I was 6 years old and I wanted to skate because I didn't want to be the only kid in my class who couldn't skate on a field trip at the arena.

This is how figure skating started...

First of all, figure skating is the oldest sport in the Olympic Winter Games. It started as far back as 1908. It was first called "Special Figures" (ha, ha!) in the first Winter Olympics. Today, there is individual men's and women's events, pairs events, ice dancing, and team events. The equipment in this event is custom-made boots with high strength carbon-steel blades, and a suit made of stretchable material (often has lace, silk, ruffles, and sparkles).

My skating partner is Scott Moir. Here's some facts about him...

There are common injuries in Figure Skating...

I had surgery on my shins in the 2010/11season. And I also had the same surgery in 2008, and I blamed it on over-training.

This is why I think Figure Skating is qualified to be an Olympic event...

Figure Skating is on ice, and people have been skating for a long time. It also is like dancing on ice, so it's good to take ballet lessons for this sport. People even tour the world for figure skating competitions and shows on ice. It's also fun! So it makes sense that figure skating is an Olympic sport.

Here are some of the top players for figure skating in the Vancouver Olympics.

VIRTUE Tessa / MOIR Scott CAN221.57 Gold medal in Team's Ice Dancing.

Joannie ROCHETTE CAN202.64 Bronze medal in Women's Individual.

Here's a few ways to contact me!

But I'm not about to give you all of my personal information! And of course I live in Canada!
2010 Winter Olympics Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir FD Symphony No 5
I'm Only Me When I'm With You - Scott and Tessa

And last of all, here are a few contests I've won.

Ice Dance2010 Vancouver, BC, CAN

Ice Dance2012 Nice, FRA

Ice Dance2010 Torino, ITA

Ice Dance2012
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Ice Dance2008 Goyang, KOR

I hope you like this flyer! :D -Tessa Virtue