By: Eli Ina Kayla Nicole


Lincoln's assassination unwittingly occured because circumstances easily allowed it to happen.

Reason #1

Reason: Lincoln's speech on April, 14th really ticked off Booth because blacks were going to be given more rights and Booth was against the idea of blacks being free.

Relevant Evidence: Booth muttered to himself that, that speech would be Lincoln's last.

Booth threatened to kill Lincoln by saying, "Now by God, I'll put him through."

(Source #2)

Reason #2

Reason: Booth found out that Lincoln was going to Ford's Theatre.

Relevant Evidence: While Booth was at Ford's to pick up his mail, he overheard Mary Todd Lincoln's messenger tell the owners that the Lincoln's are coming soon to watch "Our American Cousin". Also, after hearing this, he had a newfound plan to kill Lincoln, months after a failed attempt to kidnap him. (Source #2)

Counterclaim #1

Counterclaim: Lincoln had security.

Rebuttal: Booth knew his way around the theater very well, for he performed there so much, and he had an instant plan on how to weave between Lincoln's security guards. (Source #1 and 2)