Summer Reading Loss

What is Summer Reading Loss?

Summer reading loss, also known as the summer slide, refers to the loss in reading proficiency during the summer months when students are out of school and do not participate in formal literacy instruction.
What is Summer Reading Loss

What causes Summer Reading Loss?

Summer reading loss is a result of many factors. Some of these include summer reading activity, access to reading materials, little opportunity to read or be read too and lack of parental awareness of the benefits of reading.

What are the effects of summer reading loss?

Students from lower income families are most at risk. These students often make gains throughout the school year at around the same pace as their middle and high income peers, but lose much of what they have learned over the summer months. What students lose over the summer months is cumulative. This ultimately results in an achievement gap between high-socioeconomic and low-socioeconomic students.
Summer Learning
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Possible Solutions

Providing students with access to adequate and interesting reading material is the best way to help prevent summer reading loss. Teachers and school systems struggle with the best way to approach this issue. There are several simple solutions.

1. Host a book fair in the weeks prior to school ending for the summer. Take

up donations for those students who are unable to purchase books.

2. Initiate a book swap. Have students bring books they no longer read and

exchange them with other students.

3. Allow students to checkout books from the school library during summer

break. There's no need in allowing those books to sit and collect dust during

the summer months.

Providing parents with information on the benefits of reading and tips of how to approach summer reading are also ways that teachers can prevent summer reading loss in students. Below are links for teachers and parents that offer a number of tips and information regarding summer reading loss.

Teacher Resource

This link offers resources and articles for teachers regarding summer reading loss. The information found here and resources can be shared with parents in an effort to prevent summer reading loss.

Parent Resource

This is a link that provides useful information on ways to prevent summer reading loss.

Parent Resource

This link offers summer reading tips to parents of kindergarteners, first graders and second graders.

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