Chasing Lincoln's Killer

The New York Times Bestselling Aythor Of Manhunt

Written by: Jameson L. Swason

ISBN 978 - 0 - 545 - 22091 - 0

Genre: Non - Fictional

Grade: 7 & up


The assassination of Lincoln is always an interesting subject covered in middle school history. This book is targeted to that audience, and as such needs to be reviewed with that in mind.
Who remembers sitting in history class wondering about this man, wondering about why and how and when? Who helped Booth escape? Where did he go? How did the events play into his favor, and what were the mistakes that led to his eventual capture and death?

While combing the backlogs of historical documents and photos, Swanson pieces things together nicely in a narrative that flows well and doesnt take the subject matter to college level lecture. It remains fun to read, interesting to discover, and accessible.
I enjoyed the photos, documents, and momentos that are included in this book. There are sure to be more additions to this, extra photos and such (I was able to review an ARC, and some of these things were not in place at this time).

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