By- Sophie Yoo

Important Landmarks in Canada

The important locations that are shown in the map are the St. Lawrence River, Hudson Bay, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Eerie, Lake Superior, the Canadian Shield, Rocky Mountains, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nunavut, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Yukon, British Columbia, Quebec, Northwest Territories, and Saskatchewan.

Where do People Choose to Live in Canada and Why?

Canada's most populated areas are on the border of the United States and Canada. They choose to live in places such as New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. The main reasons that Canadians live on the Canada-Us border are because of the climate and the US trade. Many goods are shipped from the US (Canada's #1 major trading partner) to Canada and vice versa in these areas. As for climate, south-western Canada has a rather mild climate. There is a lot of rainfall for the Prairies as well. With a good climate and amount of rainfall, it is a well-fit area for growing crops(to trade and sell). In Southern Ontario, there are various cultures, well-used transportation routes(air, water, and land), moderate climate, large industries, and arable land. About 12.1 million or 35% of Canadians reside in Ontario( southern part of Canada). Some people choose to live in the Canadian Shield as well. The Canadian Shield is rich in minerals/ores for trading.

Environmental Issues in Canada

There are many environmental issues around Canada. Pollution in the Great Lakes and over-extraction of timber and natural resources in the Canadian
Shield happen to be two of the problems. One major problem in Canada is acid rain in the Great Lakes. Canada's acid rain kills millions of fish, molluscs, and frogs in the Great Lakes(sensitive to pollutants). Acid rain is caused by pollution in the atmosphere, more specifically, gases and chemicals coming from factories and cars. The acids in the smoke mix with rain, hail, or snow, causing acid precipitation. The other problem is over-extraction and over use of natural resources in the Canadian Shield. You're probably thinking," Why is extraction so bad to the environment?" The heavy machinery that extracts the minerals causes the land around the mine to be damaged, causing the environment to be ruined. These processes release harmful chemicals/pollutants into the air which later causes acid rain. This is a similar problem to the overuse of natural resources. If you burn natural resources, the harmful chemicals inside of it are released by the fire, rise into the air, mix with precipitation, and cause acid rain. Last but not least, Canada also has a problem with timber. Half of Canada's land is covered in forests. This means that Canada is a leading producer in the timber industry. Since it is a leading timber producer, many trees are extracted. Because of this, it is a huge threat to Canada's environment. Since the trees are cut down, it takes very long, years, to replace those trees.