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We'll help you with your civil dispute!

Have you recently been injured due to negligence of another person? If so, you might have a case!

You (the plaintiff) will be able to file a complaint against the defendant (the negligent person). The defendant will then receive a summons, requiring them to appear for a trial. Once both parties have submitted their pleadings, they will then appear for a pretrial conference where we will discuss the matters at hand. An arbitrator may be able to mediate the dispute in order to resolve it. A preponderance of evidence is a standard proof that must be met by you (the plaintiff) in order for you to win the case. If the judge or jury reach a guilty verdict for the defendant then you will have won your case! If not, and you feel that there was an error in the case, you will be able to appeal to a higher court. I hope our firm is exactly what you are looking for!