Talk, Read, Talk, Write

Endo and Exocytosis

Talk #1 - Video

After watching the video, talk to your shoulder partner. Discuss the processes you just saw in the video. Why do you think they occur? How do you think they are related to passive and active transport?

Read: PAT List

  • Emboldened words
  • Instant replay questions
  • Graphs and pictures

Talk #2: Envelope Please!

Use the baggie/envelope of questions provided to you. Every person in the group should select a question. That will be your question to facilitate. You will ask the question, and give everyone in the group time to respond to that question. Each person will take turns facilitating the question they chose.


Write a brief paragraph (4-5 sentences, please) explaining the role of endo and exocytosis in the cell. Be sure to include:

  • the emboldened words you learned
  • when the two processes are necessary
  • the difference between the two
  • the use of energy
  • how the processes occur