Collins & Co. Room 204

Week Thirty-One (April 20-24)


Wow! What a week it has been. All the students did a great job at all three of their performances. They worked so hard and it showed. They sounded great!

We also had a blast and learned a lot on our field trip to the Civil War Museum in Kenosha today. Thanks to Foster's step-dad, Rick and Mrs. Zhang for coming along with us.

Please take a look at our "Things to Come". There are more events on our calendar, including PARCC information.

Happy Weekend,

Ms. Collins and Mrs. Cucco

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We started studying quadrilaterals. The students are discovering the differences between parallelograms, rhombi, and trapezoids. We watched a Math Antics and Think Central video that helped us learn the difference.

We also started learning about the different rules for angles for each one. We will continue this learning next week.

Math Interventionists Webpage for Helpful Links

This website was created as a resource for you at home to go to look for ideas to help your students.

Think Central- Math in Focus Link

Here you can find the virtual text book, workbook pages, and online tutorials. The log in information is on the first page of your students assignment notebook. Find more information on our classroom website by clicking the "Math in Focus" link.

Reading/Social Studies/Civil War Simulation

It was the year 1862. We learned about the Battle of Shiloh, the Battle of Antitem/Sharpsburg and even got to reenact it! We discussed what constitutes a "victory" and why the north claims to have won at Antitem.

This week's Common Solider Interview was about the life of Union Soliders in the army and the hardships they endured.

We received more dispatches to learn about the information that took place in 1862.

We are enjoying learning about Civil War vocabulary by taking pictures to help us remember each new term.

The students also chose their "Archives" projects. They will research and put together their projects at home with minimal time at school for completion. These projects are due Friday, May 8th.

Next week is 1863 and we will focus on the Battle of Gettysburg.

Writing Workshop

Students brainstormed ideas for what they want to create for the picture books that they will author. We talked about how to choose a topic. It should be something that they have some background about and something that they would be very interested in researching.

Ask your Student about:

  • Civil War simulation
  • Jeopardy
  • Reenacting the Battle of Sharpsburg
  • The Author Visit- Kate Messner
  • Going to Covenant Village
  • School and evening musical performances
  • Recording Spanish videos

Things to come:

  • Tuesday, April 28th

7pm: School Board Meeting

  • Friday, May 1st

10:20-11:45: PARCC Schedule

  • Tuesday, May 5th

8:45-11:50: Art Adventure- Cinco de Mayo