Tiger Beat

Weekly Updates

September 19th - 23rd

Congrats to our newest NH family member! Corbin William Brown! Everyone is happy and healthy!

I don't want to jinx us, but it's looking like a calmer week. Not as much going on, no FULL moon, and just a brief University meeting on Thursday to configure our SBDM committees and set dates and times. :)

Food for thought?

Ripple Effect: The continuing or spreading effects of an event or action (can be positive or negative) - How is WHAT we are doing daily EFFECTING our end goals?

Are we asking for 1 thing and modeling another?
Are we setting an expectation and then failing on our follow through?

We have the power TOGETHER to make not just RIPPLES, but WAVES for these students with us today.

For the Good of All...

Retirement- Mr. Mike is retiring! His official last day as NH staff will be November 30th. However, he will be taking vacation for the month of November, so his last day with us will be October 31st. More information regarding our send off will be coming. Please make sure to congratulate him!

Cindy is out Monday and Tuesday,

RADIOs- THIS IS A MUST!!!!! PLEASE make sure that someone takes out the radio from D hallway to the playground. It's for the safety of EVERYONE.

End of Day SHOUT OUTS- In an effort to highlight great things and great people- please email me / send a note to the office by 3;15 of anyone you would like me to highlight on the dismissal announcements for good deeds "having Tiger SWAG" throughout the day. OR if you want me to "remind" students to "listen up" etc. - For example- "Mrs. Goble's class, I need you to listen up at the end of the day..." LOL.. they all think we're watching anyway! :)

Purchase Orders- If you intend on ordering anything - Purchase Order's are DUE THIS Thursday by 4:00. Next order date is October 5th.

New Haven Way- It is a very common thread among all staff that we are seeing a lack of respect and rule following. We will be working on a school wide acknowledgement program that we will roll out in a split assembly. (3-5) (k-2) once we get all the details and work with our team leaders. Just an FYI- we recognize it and will work to direct our kids to our expectations.


Growth Mindset - Below is a link that will share growth mindset resources and a list of Mindset Read-A-Louds- Some GREAT books to share with students.

High Attendance Day- High attendance day is September 20th- THIS TUESDAY. The classes with Perfect attendance will be receiving "PAWfect" bracelets! Please encourage perfect attendance and make note of this in your letters that your class wants perfect attendance!

Reflections- Thank you to those that have already submitted your reflections in CIITS. I've had the chance to read many of them this weekend. It really does give me an idea of how to support you and what to observe when I do walk throughs and evals.

Just an observation- Some have theirs "in progress" from August, so I'm not sure if you clicked submit when you were finished or if you are still in progress. You may want to double check. I've added a 2 minute video of how to get into your reflections once in Ciits.

PEER Observations- Sandy or I will need to know who is doing your PEER observation (if you need it this year- nontenured and summative years only) so that we can connect you in CIITS.

SpEd Monitoring- I will send out the samples of Monitoring forms and raw data collection in a separate email.

Walk-Throughs- Will be happening :)


Uploading Evidence for PGES- I've recorded a quick little "how to" get into your shared Google folder / upload evidence. It's about 2 minutes long, but gives you a quick visual if you are unsure. However- if you need help PLEASE holler. I'd be more than happy to sit with you and guide you through it.

Big image
How to input your reflections and into CIITS
Uploading for pages
Big image

Keeping Up with the Calendar


19th- Writing Task force 4-5 in library (meet to discuss ideas / "TO-DO" for the year

20th- HIGH ATTENDANCE DAY! Please encourage Perfect attendance!!! - This is SO important for our school!
SBDM 4:30

22nd- University 4-5 (SBDM committee configurations / dates )

26th- Happiness Advantage PD for team leaders @RR
Intermediate MIDTERM time!!!!! (What???)

27th- Kentucky Kids Day

PTA General meeting RESCHEDULED- will be providing Reflections info for parents

28th- PICTURE DAY "Cheeeeeese" :) ... (aka- identification day)
Brigance Window closes

29th- Whole School Evac Practice

30th- Walk-a-thon

- NH Faculty Potluck Picnic @ South Fork park. See flyer.

3rd- Writing Committee (1/2 Day meeting- Goble's office) 12-3:30

5th- Student Advisory Council 9:00 - 11:00
Team Leader 4:00
6th- Walk-a-thon GRAND PRIZE WINNER Night- Dinner w/ admin, roof-top star gazing!
7th- NO SCHOOL (Waived day for 11/3 & 11/7 = Parent / Teacher conferences)
10th- NO SCHOOL (Flex day)

13th- University Meeting 4:00
Board of Ed meeting 7:30
14th- SGGs DUE in CIITS
Extreme Spirit Day! Breast Cancer Awareness
4th grade field trip

17th- 21st - PENNY WAR
18th - SBDM meeting
21st- Special Ed Team meeting @ 7:45
FAM Meetings (Lexia check-in with Brad)
Father / Daughter Dance

24th- 28th- RED RIBBON WEEK
24th- 1st Intermediate Report Card
28th- PTA Pumpkin Painting Family Night
31st- Halloween & All Non-Tenured 1st minis completed