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May 22nd Update

Secondary Students (8th-11th) & Semester Exams

This primarily applies to students in 8th-11th grade since we have already communicated to our Seniors looking to graduate on June 10th. For those who were online during the first half of the year, the process will be the same. You will get the Google Form to register for your exams next week!

  • 8th Graders: You and your parent/guardian will receive an email next week outlining the process for exams during the week of June 6th and 13th. We will do it the same way as the January exams.
  • 9th - 11th Graders: You and your parent/guardian will receive an email soon with a link to a Google Form to register for exams the week of June 6th and 13th.

June 17th is the last school day for students. Any work not completed will be entered as a "0" in the teacher gradebook. Edmentum teachers are given 72 hours to process work so please try and stay on pace and limit the amount of work submitted at the last-minute because it will delay the posting of final grades. If you have any questions about your child's status, please reach out to your child's teacher and/or Nora Wheeler [].

District Device: Do I Need to Return?

Elementary Students

Yes, you should plan to return the District iPad and/or Chromebook back to your child's homeschool on or before June 17, 2022. If you need to return the week of June 19th, please make arrangements through our Helpdesk [].

8th Grade - 11th Grade Students

Students currently in these grades should keep their device over the summer and plan to keep it safe and secure for next year. Since this is a District device, the same rules and filtering agreements apply as during the school year.

*The only exception is if your child is moving or transferring out of WSSD. If this is the case, please make arrangements with your child's homeschool to return the device and charger.


Yes, you should return the District Chromebook and charger to the SHHS Auditorium on June 7th. There will be tables set-up from 9 AM to 12:30 PM. There is a second opportunity on June 8th in conjunction with the graduation rehearsal.

*If you are not going to graduate on-time and need the device over the summer to finish coursework, please notify the Helpdesk [].

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In early March, we communicated that we have shifted our planning focus to ensuring a smooth transition of Virtual School families back into their home school(s) for the 2022-23 school year. Hopefully, you have been in contact with either the building principal, school counselor, or both, at this point and are excited about going back. As a reminder, you will not need to provide academic information related to this school year nor register your child since they are WSSD students, and are in our system.

You are encouraged to work with your child to complete as much of the coursework as possible before the final day. Once the school year has officially ended and your child's teacher(s) have finalized grades, I will provide the documentation/transcript to the building principal so that they have this information in their cumulative files. If you have any questions or need other assistance, please reach out to Nora Wheeler [] before the last day of school.

Edmentum Information

Edmentum's Technical Support

Click the button for common troubleshooting answers. You can also email support at:

WSSD Technology Support

If you experience a problem with your District-issued iPad (K-2) or Chromebook (3-12), the fastest way to get help is to directly email the WSSD Helpdesk at Provide as much detail as possible and let them know that you are a part of the WSSD Virtual School.

Nora Wheeler

Director of Instructional Technology

WSSD Virtual School Site Coordinator