Talking & Responding

The Integration of Strands 1 & 3

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  • Understand the demands of strands 1 & 3 fully
  • Explore ways to promote students communicating and responding
  • Build student's content knowledge through incorporating their interesting into the classroom.

Foundational Communication Skills (Strand 1)

Actively Listening

  • Stop
  • Listen
  • Process

Sharing Your Thinking with Others

Discussion Circles

  • Unit of study centered
  • Listen Actively
  • Express an opinion
  • Work collaboratively
  • Participate / Engage in meaningful discourse
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Task: What skills were employed during the discussion?


  • Hook
  • Plant a question in each group (author's purpose, personal connections, words)
  • Builds content knowledge

Task: What does the author want you to believe after watching this video?

Share your thinking and learn from others!

Group Roles

  • Everyone has a role
  • Knows expectations
  • Everyone shares

"Whoever does the work, does the learning."

8th Graders Share Annotations


  • Describe personal connections
  • Provide oral, pictorial, or written response
  • Write brief comments on literary & informational texts
  • Use text evidence
  • Retell, paraphrase, or summarize texts
  • Interact with sources in meaningful ways (note taking, annotating, freewrite, illustrate)
  • Respond using newly acquired vocab
  • Discuss specific ideas

Accountable Talk

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Quick Writes

  • "drite"
  • 2-5 minutes
  • "Stop and reread what you wrote."
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A social media write!

  • Write a post....
  • Write an Instagram caption
  • Tweet
  • Use #hashtags
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Task: Write a blurb that showcases your learning thus far today. Be sure to use #hashtags to show your thinking.

Reciprocal Teaching

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Write Arounds

  • A silent discussion
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Task: Do kids need devices?