Adult Credit card Processing

Adult Credit Card Processing

Adult Credit card Processing through Verotel
People who are in adult business are aware about how difficult it is to find a reliable as well as affordable adult credit card processing services. One of the major hurdles in adult business payment is, the traditional banks charge you more by considering that it is a high risk business due to which the operating cost of the business increases. Some of the banks even refused to process the payments as soon as they identify your industry because of this high risk, but now, you don’t need to get worried about your payment issues as Verotel is offering the best adult credit card processing at extremely affordable rates.

The Verotel is offering reliable adult credit card processing services for both new as well as existing business, and we guarantee you the most affordable rates in the market. We are in the business of payment processing since 1998, and we specialize in serving the high risk businesses. We understand the value of risk, and we are considered as the first company that provides adult credit card processing services. We provide our services in following areas:-

Prohibited Adult Content
The Verotel provides adult credit card processing services to companies that provide prohibited adult content services including toys, live streaming videos, novelties, and live adult webcams. However, we are unable to offer our services to some of the prohibited business areas such as extreme violence, child pornography, incest, and hypnosis.

Credit card Processing for Multi Currency
We are one of the most reliable companies in the field of adult credit card processing, and we support multi currency solutions. At the moment, we are processing more than 150 different currencies of the world. We guarantee the timely payouts without any kind of unnecessary delay in the bank of your own choice.

Local and International Solutions
The Verotel is connected with a large network of banks that offers adult business accounts both locally as well as internationally. We help you in choosing the bank of your choice in your local as well as international business.

What makes the Verotel a better solution for adult credit card processing is, we offer customized solutions for different types of business. At the moment we are offering following three solutions for the adult credit card processing services:-

  • FlexPay
  • Open Affiliate
  • Quick Charge

All of the above mentioned packages are well designed by keeping an eye on the industry rates, as well as the needs of the different adult businesses. With Verotel we guarantee you the highest quality of service when it comes to the adult credit card processing.