The Holocaust

Kaydence Carter Acadimic 3

The Holocaust was a time of a mass killing of Jews. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi troops were killing the Jews in gas chambers. In 1941 500 officials gases,500 soviet POW's to death with the Pest-icicle Zyklon-B. Anti Semitic in Europe did not begin with Adolf Hitler. according to the text the author stated that during WW2 Adolf Hitler and his Nazi soldiers were killing Jews,

During WW2 the German army applied the western half of Poland. German police soon forced tens of thousands of polish Jews. Beginning in the fall of 1939, Nazi officials selected around 10,000 non-Jews to kill all Jews. Mobile killing units called Elnstzgruppen would murder more than 500,000 soviet union on June 1941,marketed a new level of brutality in war fare. in the text it stated that Nazi soldiers were getting non-Jews to kill all Jews.

The holocaust was a terrible time for all Jews.During WW2 and after most Jews were killed. Nazi soldiers were using many different things to kill the from all of this you probly are wishing that you didnt live during the holocaust and you live in this time. so be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!