Utilizing New Technology

How to Succeed in the 21st Century!

For Current High School Students

High School students are facing a tougher work load each year as the progress through each grade. Collaborating with other students is vital to studying and succeeding in classes. New technology can facilitate this collaboration whether the students are together or away studying on their own. Here are 3 new websites/tools that high school students can use in their core classes such as social studies, science, and mathematics.

New Innovations

Google Docs

Google Docs are a service provided by Google that allows students to access the same text documents from separate computers. Each user can edit the document and see what others are doing in real time. This program can provide a gateway to brainstorming new ideas when students are studying at home. For example, students can post potential study questions during a test week. The other students can view these questions which will aid in their test preparation.


Twitter is a social media site that allows users to post short statuses, videos, and pictures. Teachers can post news about the upcoming classes throughout the school year. Also, teachers can post videos and pictures relating to relevant class material. Students can access this material outside of class to prepare for testing. Asking questions is vital to learning in the classroom, and this social media site would allow the teacher/ other students to answer questions after class hours.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a bundled package of programs that students can utilize for group projects and studying together. PowerPoint is one of these programs. PowerPoint can allow students to made slideshows for group presentations. Teachers now have a great aid for their lectures with this tool. Excel is another great tool in this bundle. For example, students who are struggling with math based problems are now in luck. Excel allows students to compute problems with a larger amount of data. Combining these two programs can broaden the students' understanding of the material. Also, by bringing more students together for collaboration, the average level of GPA can be increased in all classes.

Author: Harris Blair