Feb. 5th, 2018 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!

No Excuses University! What We Believe...


Great schools have talented professionals who find the very best ways to work together in order to get results.


Collaboration! We are a PLC!

On Tuesday, we have the opportunity to collaborate with each other during collaborative planning time. Think about other ways we collaborate during the year and behave as a team.

I want to challenge you to reflect on your collaboration with your teams.

  • Are you acting as a team, or as a group?
  • Which are the indicators that define you as a team rather than a group?
  • Have you reviewed your norms, beliefs and behaviors lately?
  • Or, what steps do you need to take to become a team?

Special Shout Out to the 3rd Grade Team: Thank you 3rd grade team for making a commitment to collaborate, and for the commitment they take after they met to talk about the standards and their lessons during the week outside our normal scheduled time. Thank you for leading by example!


Sessions with Professional Learning Communities for this week:

Tuesday's K-5 PLC agenda is Here

Remember to bring a charged computer and your Click-On TEKS binder. If you would like to look at a paper copy of your data, please print beforehand. Otherwise, it can be viewed digitally.

See you Tuesday in the data hub ready to participate in new learning!


Please click on the link to see the sequence of the Rally!

We will be intentional during the Rally to talk about African American Leaders!

4th & 5th grade teachers send rally students at the following times:
  • 4th grade teachers send students @2:15 p.m. to the gym
  • 5th grade teachers send students @2:10 p.m. to the kinder hall

Do you know that vocabulary is the weakness skill in our Istation data? Do you know that the lack of vocabulary is also affecting the scores for comprehension and fluency? How would our data look if we can target Istation vocabulary using the I station cycles words?

A Minute with the LASes- VOCABULARY

iStation has wonderful resources to develop reading skills, one of those is the "Skill Words" list per reading cycle. We have selected some of the words and grouped them in three levels to make short and fun Kahoots with a vocabulary focus. These are not academic vocabulary words, but they contribute to increase our students' comprehension when reading any kind of texts.

K-1 Vocabulary game

2-3 Vocabulary game

4-5 Vocabulary game

TELPAS reminders

If you are a new rater (or anyone that would like a refresher), go here to this website: TexasAssessment.com/TELPASTrainingCenter

Register & use the keyword: TRAINING2018
Complete this by February 12th
Make sure to print 2 certificates (keep one copy & turn in one copy to Mrs. Burleson)

RTI Initial Tier 2 & Follow-Up Meetings (REQUIREMENTS)

Teachers, prior to attending your scheduled RTI, it is imperative that you fill out the correct information (checking the items that you have concerns about). The guidelines which we must follow for RTI have changed by the state, so we want to ensure that we are taking every step to ensure that we are in compliance. So please be sure to do the following for an INITIAL RTI TIER 2 MEETING:

  1. Fill out a referral via Pony 2.0 (using the RTI tab)
  2. Fill out a Tier 1 FOG (indicating what you have done in the class-room).
  3. Fill out a Tier 2 FOG (checking all the items that you have implemented).

Once your referral is sent, a meeting date will be scheduled.


  1. Complete the section where it says: Follow Up Notes, Comments, Results, and Progress.
  2. ALWAYS bring data to the meeting. Without data we cannot make a decision. Data includes: DRA & Running records (completed 2 weeks prior to the meeting); I-Station Reports, CBA (test and scores); hand writing samples (at least 2); report card (current grades); and any other data that reflects the students current grade level TEKS.
  3. ALWAYS call the parent, to inform and invite them to the RTI meetings. After each meeting, it is the responsibility of the teacher to inform the parent which interventions the RTI committee agreed to implement.

The Follow-Up Notes section is below. Prior to leaving the meeting, we will possibly ask you to scan and upload work samples so that we will have some form of data and work to compare when the next meeting occurs, and/or if the student is being recommended for special testing. Thank you in advance for having a growth mindset when it comes to implementing best practices for our students.

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Working Together During Discipline Referrals

When referring a student for discipline, please remember to put the referral in prior to the end of the school day. This allows the administrators to talk to the student as well as contact the parents the day of the incident to discuss the consequences.

The administrators are asked by the district to contact parents to inform them of consequences the same day. When incidents occur which needs an administrator's attention, please call the parent (by phone) to inform them and put the referral in. The administrators will then follow-up with the parent to discuss next steps.

Calling for administrative support

  • Please remember to call the office when you need administrative support. There has been several occasions where we did not receive your text or phone calls on our cell phones because of the bad reception in the building.
  • We want to make sure we can support you. The office will contact us by radio and let us know.

Resource Round-Up

Chapter 3 (pgs. 53-105) of The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading by Jan Richardson focuses on the Emergent Reader. Jan believes strongly in the research supporting the need to teach pre-A readers in small groups.

The four components in the pre-A lesson plan build essential literacy skills for the pre-A reader. Visual discrimination and memory (working with names and letters), phonological and phonemic awareness (working with sounds), oral language, and

concepts about print (working with books) are integral goals of each lesson. The final component, interactive writing, brings together many of the skills taught in the previous components.

To support the teacher in planning for the appropriate components of a Pre-A guided reading lesson, a lesson plan is provided on Appendix E of the resource.

Feel free to stop by and make a copy to help with your Pre-A readers!

A message from Positive Ponies

Do you know that this is the official National Counselors week?

National School Counseling Week- February 5th-9th

Share your appreciation of our wonderful school counselors. We encourage each team to do something, like a painted sign or cut outs, from the kids to hang and decorate around their offices!

Tell them how much you appreciate them.

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LVES Kindness Challenge

Beginning on Tuesday February 6th, each staff member will have an opportunity to participate in the #LESKindnessChallenge. The challenge has 8 different challenges (one for each school day) that can be completed until February 16th. In order to be eligible for the drawing, you must complete at least 3 of the challenges. When you've finished, you will turn in your challenge sheet to Mrs. Rubio and she will give you a ticket for each completed activity. Earn additional tickets for each challenge (one per day) tweeted with a picture and the challenge hashtag for that day. Don't forget to mention @LewisvilleES!
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Pick me up !

Friday is National Pizza Day, Positive Ponies would be providing pizza.
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This Monday will be our last Monday to meet for Clubs. Due to upcoming performances and projects, the following clubs will continue to meet until they debut their work:

  • Knitting Club
  • Broadway Club
  • Dance Club

All students have recieved notes about the status of their clubs following the 5th.

I want to take a moment to thank all of the current and former staff members who have given of their time and talents each week for clubs! The students truly enjoyed all of the clubs offered.

Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Lewisville Elementary Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Weekly Calendar

Monday February 5th

  • K-3rd Expository Writing Sample due in Eduphoria
  • College Ready Rally 2:20-2:45pm --Rdz
  • College/U shirt Day
  • Math & Science ACT

Tuesday February 6th

  • K-3rd Expository Writing Sample due in Eduphoria
  • PLC in DataHub
  • Campus Design Team mtg. 3:30
  • Math ACT
  • Online Basic Training Courses (new raters or new grade clusters) Computer lab 3:30-4:30

Wednesday February 7th

  • K-3rd Expository Writing Sample due in Eduphoria
  • Released Math 5th
  • All Level Team Meetings
  • Dress for Success Day
  • Inst. Design Team mtg. 3:15
  • 5th Parent Night at DeLay MS
  • LA ACT

Thursday February 8th

  • Released Reading 5th
  • 4th Teachers- Writing Academy
  • Multilingual Coordinator

Friday February 9th

  • Staff picture 7:20 am in gym
  • LVES Spirit Day
  • Healthy Snack by the office team
  • Friday is National Pizza Day, Positive Ponies would be providing pizza

Staff Shout Outs

  • Mrs. Rockne - For the Banana Slugs- UC Santa Cruz mascot.
  • Mr. Thomas for an AWESOME second grade program!
  • Mrs. Rimling and Mrs. Sammon for being fantastic mentors!
  • Coach W for fixing the first grade science cabinet! You're the best!
  • Ms. Burleson for her dedication to our school!
  • Mrs.Boston: Thank you for always showing kindness and love to our students
  • Ms.Wooster: Thank you for doing all thing wonderful things you do to support our students! We greatly appreciate you!
  • Araceli Hernendez: Thank you for being on the side of hope. You are always there to spread positivity!
  • Mr.Reed: Thank you Mr.Reed for always being a kind spirit...
  • Vando - For her support with changing breakfast to the classroom.
  • V. Hernandez for recommending a book and collecting copies from other campuses after I gave you only one days notice! You are awesome!!
  • Mr. Anderson for being such a positive male role model for our students. You are impacting lives in a great way!
  • Amanda Jurca for being a Rock Star in an emergency!
  • Thanks to Laura Norton for delivering me a Coke Zero in a time of need!
  • Mrs. McKensey for being a great thinking partner.
  • Ms. Satterla & Mr. Perez for your support with day care duty.
  • Mrs. Betty & Mrs. Vando for supporting with discipline.
  • Mr. Anderson - thanks for helping out and working with a special first grade friend.
  • Thank you Mrs. Maurier & Mrs. Rowland for your work helping to coordinate TELPAS details.
  • Thank you Ms. Betty and Ms. Vando for helping make the Star Wars snacks for the TELPAS training a reality.
  • Mrs. Betty and Mrs. Vando for helping setting up the library for the TELPAS training.
  • Wanda, Samia, and Stephanie S. for creating Saturday School lesson plans.
  • Thank you 3rd grade team for making a commitment to collaborate, and for the commitment they take after they met to talk about the standards and their lessons during the week outside our normal scheduled time. Thank you for leading by example!

Click here to submit your Shout Out.

February's Birthdays

Veronica Sammon February 2nd

Bethany Wooster February 6th

Belinda Rubio February 9th

Veronica Hernandez February 11th

Corey Anderson February 11th

Michael Colón Valedón February 18th

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