The Republic of Ehtiopia

The Culture of the Rupublic of Ethiopia

The People

There are about 67.9 miilion people in Ethiopia. About 45% of the people belong to the Ethipoian Orthodox Church. The official language is Amharic. Ethiopians usually wear western style clothing. Some women wear traditional dresses.


In Ethiopia, there are warm and courteous greetings. Ethiopians avoid prolonged eye contact and keep a reasonable distance during conversation. Also, visiting is an important social function in Ethiopia. Usually, Ethiopians eat two or three meals every day.

Life Styles

Usually, three or more generations in the male line live under one roof. It is beggining to be more common for young people to chose who they will marry. Rural women usually do not play sports, but soccer and track and field are commonly plaid by men and boys. Urban Ethiopians commonly watch television, go to sporting events, eat at restaurants, etc.


Ethiopia's prime minister is head of government. Most Ethiopians are subsistence farmers. Transportation is easy to find and affordable in cities. Less than half of all school-aged children are enrolled in school. Most Ethiopians do not have access to proper medical care, so life expectancy is very low, and infant mortality is extremely high.