Mission San Francisco de Asís

Sebastian #9 2/16/16

Mission History

Did you know that Mission San Fransico de Asís was built in 1776 and closed on 1791?

San Francisco de Asís was the sixth mission ever made! The Ohole Indians helped make the mission, when the Spanish came to San Francisco de Asís. They started forcing Indians to live in the mission and learn Spanish ways. Fray Palou, Captain Rivera, and the Indians lived in the mission.

Some important history happened like mission dorles survived the great fire and earthquake of 1906.

Daily Life

Fray Palou was in charge of the mission. The Indians there did all of the chores and jobs

like making clothing, farming, raising livestock, leather working, carpentry, and black smithing. The crops grown there were wheat, corn,beans, barley, peas, lentis, and fruit trees. his livestock were cattle, sheep, mules,and horses. The Indians went to school there to learn about Spanish ways. There was also a church where the Indians went to learn about Spanish beliefs. In the evening the Indians enjoyed dancing,singing,playing games, and relaxing. for a little while before they went to sleep.

Mission today

Today the mission is open for field trips to the museum and church.
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