6 trait of writing

Reagan Light


  1. Coming up with ideas is very important when your writing.
  2. When thinking of ideas for a story, choose a topic that interests you.
  3. When coming up with ideas, make sure your idea has a clear message.


  1. It's important, when writing a story, to stay organization.
  2. Make sure to have transition, so it's not awkward
  3. To keep your story's organize, you can use colors (main sentence green, transition sentence yellow, and tell me more sentence red).


  1. It's important to have a good and interesting voice when writing.

Word Choice

  1. For good word choice, use specific nous and verbs.
  2. Also use exciting adverbs and adjectives.

Sentence Fluency

  1. To have good sentences, combined short sentences.
  2. Start new sentences differently.
  3. Have short and long sentences.


  1. Check your paper and make sure you have good punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

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  1. Before writing a story, you should brainstorm on a piece of paper to come up with ideas.


  1. Prewriting is planning out your story


  1. A compose is a rough draft.
  2. A rough draft is, your story but, not completed.


  1. This part is all about fixing mistakes.
  2. Getting all of the good stuff out and all your mistakes out.


  1. Sharing your story out.

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  1. A t-table is your story in short sentences

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Core 4 topic sentences (green)

  1. The green is the topic sentence and the conclusion.
  2. The conclusion is the ending.


  1. It's important to have transition words, so you can move to a different sentence/topic.
  2. This one is yellow.

Detail\Tell me more sentences

  1. This is the ending of your sentence.
  2. This is red.

Six Traits Of Writing Model - A Review