Destination Update

January 28th

Three Amazing Teams!

We are having so much fun watching the teams come together. There's been a lot of growth and creativity. Remember to take part on the Google Doc!

Next week's meetings:

  • Monday: 4:10-5:30 Fine Arts
  • Tuesday: 2:40-4 Improv
  • Wednesday: 4:10-5:30 Science

A few bits of news:

  • Lauren Greenberg sent out an email about fundraising. This is just making sure families received it.
  • Thank you to the Owens, Sepes, and Shuklas for volunteering as appraisers. Their training session is on February 6th. Chase Agheli's mom is also appraising for the fourth or fifth year, even though her son is no longer in the middle school or DI. We are an amazing community. Thank you.
  • Most spring sports tryouts will be the week before State Tournament. Consequently, there will be some conflicts on those days. Please speak with your teams and coaches. Most teams like to meet on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday prior to competition. I am available until 7 any of those days, if you let me know reasonably in advance.
  • Our DI performance for parents will be at 4:30 on Thursday, the 10th of March. After the performances, all material needs to be taken to vehicles to prepare for Saturday.

Meetings outside of School

Groups are beginning to schedule meetings outside of school. Four sessions with the full team are recommended, along with any small group scenery/prop sessions.

Home meetings are for these purposes:

  • Instant Challenge practice: Let me know and I will provide you the ICs. You can try to get someone to film them, and then you can view and reflect.
  • Scenery, prop, costume, and other craftwork
  • Casual time with your group where you get to know and trust each other as people. Our time is so focused at school meetings, but good teams really enjoy each other. So, play games, talk about common interests, do some improv, chat about your challenge, but know that play is an important part of good groups!

Kids: Remember the DI spirit. Be gracious to your hosts. Clean up after yourselves.


We have a framework for our story, with TB hiding in a macrophage, multiplying without the patient noticing.

Our last session began to link the story with our love for mythology; the macrophage is like the Greek Underworld. Flu, Strep and even Cancer cells suffer dreadful ends in the river Styx or Tartarus...but the TB cell won't lose its memory or essence, and it certainly won't be tortured, for it has a purpose: live long and multiply.

Now it's time to start visualizing the two settings: Macrophage Underworld and Doctor/Patient office.

Fine Arts

We have the mystery: The Fire at the Alexandria Library

We have our suspects:

Cleopatra, Ptolemy and Arsinoie...along with Pothinus and a DI-tective.

We have part of our TechniClue:

An abacus of scrolls in a bookshelf

We are trying to incorporate the Rosetta Stone into our TechniClue.

We are developing Traverse Staging to go along with our story...and finding ways to use Flashbacks.


From mudpits to shark diving cages, we are experiencing all sorts of confined places.

We are learning to work better as a team and really listen to one another. It will be helpful to have our Monday meeting at Angelea's house.

We're learning, also, to look back on the challenge. As we work with newspapers, we realize that they can't be cut with scissors or connected with tape. Our next step is coming up with some useful newspaper plans...