A Christmas Carol

By Alexis Timmins

Stave 1

The characters in Stave 1 would be Bob Cratchit, Jacob Marley, Ebenezer Scrooge and Fred. I think words to describe Bob Cratchit would be poor, kind, and humble. For Jacob Marley, I think the words to describe him would be regret, a friend/business partner to Scrooge, and blunt because he was very open about what would happen to Scrooge if he didn't change. Fred is a cheerful, optimistic, and generous. On the opposite side, Fred's Uncle, Scrooge is completely different. Scrooge is a very greedy, bitter, and ungrateful old man.

Stave 2

The Ghost of Christmas Past.

This was the first spirit to visit Scrooge. This ghost looked like a child and had light shooting out of it's head. It was sent to show Scrooge the boarding school where he was taught and how when he was a little boy he had no one and would read in the corner by himself. Then he took him to Fezziwig's house showing how Scrooge was there and still didn't talk to anyone and show any Christmas spirit. After that they took him to the place where Scrooge's Fiancé, Belle, broke up the engagement with him. The ghost was trying to show him what he's missed out on while he's been a greedy man.

Stave 3

The Ghost of Christmas Present.

This was the second spirit that visited Scrooge. The ghost was dressed in a green robe and surrounded by food. The spirit takes him to a city where everyone was hurrying along on Christmas morning. After that he takes them to the Cratchit house. The family can barely afford a Christmas meal and are struggling to help Tiny Tim live. The ghost tells Scrooge that there will probably be an empty chair at the next family christmas. He takes Scrooge here to show that Bob does need a raise and some help from Scrooge. Then he takes him to many Christmas celebrations, showing Scrooge how he is taking things for granted and should celebrate with his family. One of the places he takes him is to his nephew, Fred's house, Scrooge has a good time until they begin mocking him. None of the people can see Scrooge, but Scrooge sees them. After they begin mocking him Scrooge wants to leave. The ghost is showing him how rude he was to them, that now they just mock him and make fun of him.

Stave 4

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

This is the final ghost that visits Scrooge. This ghost is dressed in a black hooded robe and you can't see his face, only his hands. The ghost approaches him and Scrooge begins questioning him. The ghost doesn't talk just points. The ghost takes him to the London stock exchange where a group of men talk about the death of a wealthy old man. He then takes Scrooge to a pawn shop in an alley where people are selling off some man's belongings. Scrooge recognizes that this was his stuff and those were his servants selling off his things. The ghost takes him here showing that no one really cared for Scrooge and now that he's dead people don't care, all they want is the money from his things. He then takes him to the house of Tiny Tim where the family is trying to cope with the death of Tiny Tim. After this he takes him to a house of a couple who owed the man who died money. The couple is dancing around because they didn't have the money to pay the man back the loan and now they would have more time to pay him back. Scrooge begs for the spirit to tell him who the man was that died. The spirit takes him to a graveyard and points to a stone. Scrooge is scared to walk up and see what it says, but finally does. He reads the stone and sees his own name engraved in it. Scrooge is horrified. The spirit took him to all these places to show him that if he doesn't change, then this is what is going to happen to him.

Stave 5

Scrooge wakes up in the morning, not realizing what day it is and how long he's slept or even if he's still alive. He looks around at his room and realizing everything's fixed and it looks like nothing happened. He runs to the window and asks a boy what day it is. The boy replies with Christmas day. Scrooge is overpowered with joy. He begins to laugh and cheer. He gets ready and goes out in the town. He then donates a turkey to the Cratchit family and pays a young boy a lot of money if he would donate it. He begins to apologize to the people he was rude to and promises to donate money to the charity man. He attends Fred's Christmas party and has a great time. Everyone is so shocked at Scrooge they are speechless. Scrooge has never been this nice to them before. The next morning he calls Bob Cratchit into his office and tells him he's giving him a raise and is going to help financially with Tiny Tim. He then becomes like a second father to Tiny Tim. Scrooge changes his life around and becomes a cheerful and happy old man.