Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was leader of the mongols. He brought the entire country of Asia together by conquest. They used brutal tactics to accomplish this. His sons continued his empire after his death. One of his grandsons, Kublai Khan attacked southeast Asia.


Buddhism was a foreign religion to the Chinese. They burned many Buddhist temples. Buddhism and Daoism said that the world was not real, This clashed with Confucianism.

Neo Confucianism taught that you would be fulfilled by working in the world.

Golden Age

Poetry was important in the golden age. Movable type was invented so it would be easier to reproduce writing.

Many paintings were of landscapes. Porcelain was invented. It was made of clay baked in a very hot furnace.

A Day in the Army

The Mongol army moved as a procession, about 5 miles a day. Women cooked cared for animals and killed wounded enemies. Animal dung was used to make fires. The men were expert archers and horseman. The Mongols had upwards of 100,000 men in their army.