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Easy Separation

Mental Health Week is this week!

Mental Wellness http://longlivekids.ca/

Quality relationships are critical to a child's mental wellness

Research shows that:

  • Up to 1 in 5 Canadian kids are affected by a mental health issue.
  • Fifty per cent of adults with mental wellness issues report that the problem started before 14 years of age.
  • Only 50 per cent of Canadian kids in grade 6 report a high level of emotional well-being. That number drops to 26 per cent by grade 10.
  • Youth mental disorders are ranked 2nd highest in hospital expenditure care in Canada
  • The presence of a strong parent/child relationship matters in 23 of 24 health behaviours for kids, including emotional wellness, making healthy choices, and positive social interactions.
  • We have developed a new public service message and infographic video series that will provide you with tips, suggestions and strategies to help support your child's mental well-being.
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mother's day conversations at the dinner table - family dinner project

something special this month - download these place cards complete with conversation starters for Mother’s Day!
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Special Events This Month

Early Years Health Fair

Saturday June 13th from 10-2 at Exploration Place. Free information, games, activities and family fun for children ages 0-6. For more information call 250-565- 2596 or email: Tkachuk, Jennifer Jennifer.Tkachuk@northernhealth.ca

NEW: Parent Support Circle at Hadih House (2105 Pine st)
Hadih Community House (2105 Pine st) parenting group will offer support, parenting resources and information. Starting April 7th 2015 from 1:00 to 2:15. This group is open to all caregivers and it will run bi- weekly on Tuesday afternoons. Workshop topics may include discipline strategies, stress management, parenting issues and parental self-care. A place for parents to get together and talk about parenting issues, find support and meet other parents. Snacks and Childcare are available.

short video clips on kids wellness

1 in 5 kids under the age of 12 will be affected by a mental wellness issue
We are Girls PSA Eng
What's Your Thing PSA Eng

to find parent support services

if you need help call the crisis center

250-563-1214 (Within Prince George) 1-888-562-1214 (Northern BC)

linda campbell, Happy Mother's Day!

linda campbell

student support services

school counsellor

working together for social emotional learning

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