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August 16, 2019

It's a FULL MOON People!!!

Carry on with the same high expectations as usual...but if heads start to spin...we all know why.

The Opportunity Myth

Thank you for our great discussions last Tuesday regarding the chapter on using standards as a high leverage strategy. Reflecting on standards is not a novel approach, however maximizing this approach by including students and having them be owners of the standards is an aspect that we are not utilizing here to the fullest extent. As we work in our PLCs remembering that we cannot alone do the heavy lift and leave our students on the sidelines. They must have ownership of their learning and understanding of where they are in the continuum toward mastery of grade level standards.

This upcoming week we will meet in the conference room and discuss the opportunity myth. We will use this study to think about our roles in ensuring that high quality instruction is given to all students--no matter the socioeconomic status. We will be doing a great deal of reflecting and an honest look in the mirror regarding our current teaching and what is needed by our students from us here at school.

Below is the link to the executive summary of this study.

Social Stories- Shared Resource

We have several students with interrupted or no previous educational experience. Knowing how to behave in a group setting is truly foreign for some of our Lions. For this reason, there is a new folder entitled: Social Stories- Resources in our Lincoln Elementary School 2019-2020 shared drive . This is a place to "dump" any and all social stories worth sharing.

Teachers Pay Teachers supposedly has some great resources if any of you have that membership and have purchased, or plan to purchase, support in the form of Social Stories.

ROARING READERS - Student Committee Reps Provide Feedback

Yesterday Autumn Stacy, Kathy Fields and I met with Amaari Banks, Shyonna Osborne, and Rudy Queen to get their take on our initiative. It was a truly incredible meeting. The extended notes from our meeting are in the ROARING READERS -Reading Initiative folder in our COMMITTEE WORK folder. The top 3 highlights included:

1. Students felt that all kids need their parents and guardians to be better informed and get involved. They want us to tell their family members how important reading is.

2. They LOVE the option to listed to Mrs. Galloway in the morning and appreciated the quiet reading option in the library with Mrs. Ewers.

3. They wanted anyone who participates and meets their goal to celebrate in a special way. They liked mixing things up some as far as award go and suggested several REALLY COOL ideas:

  • Students who turn in calendars that meet goals would be given:

    • a “coupon” or “ticket” to either participate in a special day (Pajama day, hat day, sock day, dress as your favorite book character or author day) OR

    • a special snack either in their classrooms during lunch with the teacher OR in the courtyard the first part of recess (ice-cream, pizza, popcorn, slushies)

  • (And then there was this...Ms. Sheppard’s favorite idea of all…. Wait for it….) Students wanted to work with a business to sponsor a fundraiser for a charity. They suggested St. Jude (for Mrs. Rivers), Jumprope for Heart (for Mrs. Hyder) and/or the local animal shelter (because of all the sad commercials they have seen.) They requested that a business donate on our behalf, based on a school-wide participation percentage.

This was a time to stop and reflect. Each of us as teachers is trying to think of things and experiences we want for our kids. We want them to be rewarded for their efforts towards becoming better readers because we know they will desperately need

to read to achieve. And our students, well they were thinking of ways they can help others. That's when I was reminded of the bigger picture. The greatest gift we offer our students is the opportunity to love and serve others; reading well is the icing

on the cake.


The sign up sheets are located in the "Clubs" folder in our shared drive. I have organized the clubs by the grade levels that the club is open to. Use the sheet that we used at the faculty meeting to identify what grade level the club is intended in order to find it on the sign up sheet. Also, to prevent a club from being over booked, each club has a colored block for you to fill with needed information. Once the block is full, the club is full. Do not add extra blocks to the club. If there is no more space in the colored block for the club please go to the students next choice and sign them up there.

Several of you have reached out to me to ask if the club time could be extended because several of you feel that 30 minutes would not be enough time. When planning this in the summer, alone in my office, I must have thought that would be enough...however now that I'm on the dance floor I do think that a bit more time is warranted. Keeping in mind that we do have K students in the mix here and we need to be aware of their shorter attention span I would like to propose that we move clubs to a 45 minute block. IF this is something that you greatly disprove of, please email me directly. If I am misreading the staff and there are more of you wanting it at 30 minutes, please let me know. We can discuss this.

Speaking of K students and being in the balcony, our first club meeting is scheduled for after IAs leave the building thus significantly reducing our help with our younger students to navigate the building to get to clubs and then be in clubs. I would also like to propose that we move our first club experience to 1:05-1:50. So our IAs can be with our smallest lions for this new experience. If this is a major problem for a team, please email me directly.

Behavior Committee Updates

Our behavior committee has been working on increasing our communication among our team and to help us help our students when you call for us. One thing that we have identified that would help us immensely is to use the walkies exclusively to call for a tier. We are finding that texts and personal phone calls to offices is causing confusion among the team in our understanding of who is where and ensuring that student needs are met.

Please use only the walkie for tiered calls and you can refer to the handbook if you have questions regarding our protocol for calling a tier.

Open House and Smile Committee

Next Thursday is our Open House night. We will start in the Auditorium and review the Title budget, approve the PTO budget, and talk about our reading initiative with our parents. They will then be dismissed to your classrooms. In your time with parents, please go over Zones with them, and discuss how Restorative Practices are used in your classroom. To strengthen the home school connection with these two school wide initiatives if your team wanted to create a 1 pager with Zones graphics on one side for parents to use at home and the RP card questions on the back it could be a great way for us to connect what we do here with parents so they can use them at home. Reviewing the key concepts that are covered in your grade and any grade level expectations would also be great to cover with parents at this time.

Also, our SMILE committee is bringing pizza and salad to teachers before the event in the conference room. If you are interested in partaking in this early supper/time to get together, please email Autumn so she knows how much food to get that afternoon. Thanks.

Thanks to everyone for their support of Lincoln's night at the KPT Mets!

A great night of baseball for everyone. My pitch was really high and on the outside, but we are gong to blame my strappy sandals and no warm up pitch on that! Seriously, thank you to all the staff who came out after a busy day to support our students and school. I know many of us did not stay the whole game, but coming together for the start was a great show of community for our lions. Thank you to Seth and our Lincoln Singers for another great performance of the National Anthem.

One Final Thought

As we close out our second week I want to share with you a picture that Autumn snapped last week in the main hallway. We are doing great things here at Lincoln. Some days are harder than others. Some score reports are harder than others. However, know that every day we are making a difference. We are moving in the right direction. We will be a Reward School sooner than others might think not only for our academic achievement, but also for empathetic and aware children we send off to middle school. Our determination, willingness to work together for a common goal, and love for our Lincoln community will get us there. We are part of the village that is raising wonderful human beings, and this picture is a great reminder of that. Have a great weekend everyone and be ready for another great week!
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Lincoln Lions Are

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