I-Coach Notes

Volume 7 Week of Oct. 19-23

Read Across the Globe! Monday, Oct. 19

EWE welcomed today a group of volunteers to read to all our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students! Between 10:00-10:30 our guests read to our kids. Photographs and videos were taking as part of the criteria to support this initiative. The goal will be to break the Guinness record of volunteers reading to kids across the globe. Let's see!
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Math Consultant, Kristen Allen, will be back to EWE to work with our upper grade level teachers this Wednesday, Oct. 21.

3rd, 4th and 5th grade Math teachers are required to attend this session.

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 21.

Where: Flexroom

1st EWE Writing Collection

This Friday is the deadline to submit out first Writing collection. All students, PK-5th grade are asked to write a personal narrative about a day they had fun (or draw if can't write yet). See below for details.

Personal Narrative:

Sometimes we had a special day that we easily remember because we had lot of fun.

Write about a time you had fun.

Be sure to --

  • write about a personal experience
  • organize your writing
  • develop your ideas in detail
  • choose your words carefully
  • use correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar and sentences

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3rd-5th Math 12 Week Assessment

Window: Nov. 4-13

More information will come!

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Content and Language Objectives are expected to be posted in all classrooms!

Content Objective:

Tell what students should know and be able to demonstrate understanding of content.

Language Objective:

Tell the language students should use to demonstrate understanding of concepts

Sample of Content & Language Objective

Content Objective:

2.5 (A)The student is expected to classify matter by physical properties, including shape, relative mass, relative temperature, texture, flexibility, and whether material is a solid or liquid.

Language Objective:

Working in pairs, students will use solid, liquid and mass vocabulary to describe the physical properties of matter.

Ex. ________is a solid because _______.

_______ is a liquid because________.

To write a language objective answer these questions:


•What language skills my students need to use to participate in the lesson?

–Knowledge and skills:

•What language skills my students need to use to understand the lesson?

Verbs to Use When Writing Content and Language Objectives

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Create (create, plan, invent, design, construct)

Evaluate (assess, decide, recommend, justify, rate)

Analyze ( compare, explain, examine, investigate, categorize)

Apply (show, complete, classify, use, illustrate, solve)

Understand (explain, compare, restate, translate, predict, discuss)

Remember (tell, relate, write, describe, name, list)

4 Language Domains

Listening (show, tell, role play, identify, listen, recognize, follow directions)

Speaking (name, discuss, rephrase, ask, answer, predict, repeat, respond, summarize, explain, talk)

Reading (preview, read aloud, find specific information, identify, research,


Writing (list, summarize information, ask & answer questions, create, free-writing,

state, justify, write)