Peublo De Laiya Affordable Houses

A Home for Nature Enthusiasts ...

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Spending time in finding the right location for our homes is very crucial. Aside from affordable prices and accessibility of the place , we considered places closes in our hearts . And it was a great deal to have everything we want with one shot!

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For nature lovers who prefers peaceful and calm places , the relaxing ambiance of Pueblo de Laiya Vacation Resort Pagibig Affordable Houses are the suitable place to in touch with .

Pueblo de Laiya Vacation Resort Pagibig Affordable houses is located at San Juan Batangas . Everyone would feel the cool breeze of the wind coming from the beach and trees. Another way to escape the urban commotion and routine noise of the cities.

The lots amenities includes landscaped entrance , multi – purpose hall and playground . Houses comes in forms of Single Attach , Townhouse and Row House.

At Pueblo De Laiya , relaxation is inevatable! Its always a sweet thought to come back home. What are you waiting for , grab your own lot today!