National Day of Listening

I helpful holiday that we all must not forget

Why Should we Celebrate this Holiday?

The National day of Listening is a rather unknown holiday in the month of November, and there are several reasons as to why it is important that we begin celebrating it. This holiday is observed annually on the day after thanksgiving, and it has recently been created in the year of 2008.

I feel that we must begin celebrating the National Day of Listening every year because of its importance to society. This is a day that we all must "settle down" and listen to others around us. It is important that we understand the feelings and values of the people in our lives.

Listening is much better than simply chattering endlessly. Some of us love to tell our friends and families all about what is currently going on in our lives, and we never give others chances to tell us about their lives. Try to imaging what they are feeling. This is why the National Day of Listening is so beneficial to us. We must learn to listen to everyone and not "tune out" the opinions of anyone.

Time is ticking away! Start celebrating the National Day of Listening today!