Southwest region

By evan hays, mollie fithian, caleb head, Mariah Reynolds

Southwest geography

Rio grande is a 1,900 miles long and emptying into the Gulf of Mexico

Grand Canyon is considered one of the worlds 7 wonders

The Sonora desert is the hottest desert in North America

The rio grande is a 1900 mile long river

The Colorado river goes through 1450 miles of mountains and deserts

The gila river is 649 miles flowing through Arizona and New Mexico

The climate there is very hot in the summer and decent in the winter in the summer it's usually 100 degrees ferinhite

History of the southwest

The southwest desert effects the people because they are super hot. The people effect it because they drink a lot of water and there is little fresh water in the southwest.

A important event of Hoover Dam is when when everybody built it because it took two years to build it. The workers got two days off and they were Christmas, and the 4th of July. Another event is when people sometimes run a marathon around the Grand Canyon.


Some places you could visit are: Grand Canyon , Hoover dam, the Alamo , Colorado river and the Phoenix zoo


The 4 states in the southwest are: Texas, Oklahoma,new Mexico, Arizona.


People get around by cars to get what they need from stores

People get around by trains to get what they need from gas stations

People get around by subway to get what they need from different places


garlic- leaches attach faster with garlic on your hand

carrots- just one medium corrot or a handful of baby carrots counts as one serving of your daily veggies.

potatoes- there are different types of potatoes

carrots- washinton ranks first in the nation in production of fresh carrots. Purple carrots contain purple pigemets called anthocyanins, which act as anti-oxidants that protect the body. Americans eat, on average, 10.6 lbs. of fresh carrots per person per year.