Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mrs. Myers' Memo

Students Need....

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break. Now that we are back, there is one thing that almost every student needs: crayons! Please purchase a box of Crayola crayons as soon as possible. Your hard working students are down to the nub...or just missing a few colors! Thank you so much!

Welcome to our two newest students: Ryan and Jonah!

Awesome Behavior Club (before break)

I meant to send out a congrats to the following students for their amazing behavior the week before holiday break. The week before that break is always difficult....the kids are excited and tend to forget a few rules. They are tired from testing for report cards. They just want to be home around the family. We had some students that were exceptional, earning a spot in the ABC Club. They received no warnings all week for behavior. Keep it up!
  • Alonna
  • Amilla
  • David
  • Haley
  • Kenneth
  • MaKaylah
  • Treyton
  • Trinity

Guided Reading Starts in January!

Backpack Bear has been busy teaching your children all year. Next quarter, his friends will teach your children to read more words using one to two books each week. These will come home for practice. But unlike this quarter, these books will not need to be in the "book bags" and returned each week. They will stay at home for practice.

However, we will start our guided reading in January when you return. These will be the books that you will help your children become confident readers. Your child will bring home a book bag with a leveled reader in it. This book is to be read three times and then returned. It's like a library book! When they have read it to three people (whether that takes one day or a few), they may return it for a new one. When they return it, I will listen to them read it to me. Usually I will get through the whole class in one day. If a new book doesn't come back home that day, it will come back home the next day.

As the students get better and better, their reading level will increase. We want all kindergarten students to read at a Level C or D before the end of the year. If your child starts on Level aa, reads one book each night, they will get through that level in about three or four weeks. At that rate, they will reach Level C or D by the end of the year. If your child starts at Level B or C, they will read higher levels and become very fluent readers before the end of the year. This program will work amazingly well for all students, as they will be reading on their own level (not too hard, not too easy). I look forward to seeing their success next quarter with the new guided reading bags.

Review today and tomorrow. Start new math/reading on Monday!