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Chelsy Hageman

About Chelsy Hageman

Chelsy Ann Hageman was born in Decorah Iowa. Before her mom moved she lived in Canton, Minnesota and she went to Fillmore Central in Preston, Minnesota. Chelsy now lives in Ossian Iowa, out in the country with her mom, two sisters, and her only brother. She has lived outside of Ossian for seven years now. She has one brother named Cody, and two sisters named Amber and Vanessa. Her parents are Tracy and Jeff Hageman. Her mom lives in Ossian and Chelsy’s dad lives in St. Ansgar. She likes to go out for sports like basketball, volleyball, and softball. She likes to spend time with family and friends. She also likes to go camping, swimming and tubing with family and friends. Before her parents got divorced her dad and mom took her, her grandpa, and my cousin to a Viking’s game in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They also took her, Amber, Vanessa, and her grandma to Missouri to the Precious Moment chapel. Then we all went to Branson, Missouri. Chelsy likes the Vikings and the Iowa Hawkeyes. She also wanted to go to a game of the Iowa Hawkeyes. Chelsy doesn’t like to draw but she likes to make things like a clay whistle.

Favorites, Likes, and About Her Life

Name: Chelsy Hageman

Age: 14

Siblings: Amber (15), Vanessa (12), Cody (10)

Birthday: September 23,1998

Location: Ossian Iowa

Occupation: Student

Favorite Book: Just Listen By: Sarah Dessen

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Store: Route 21

Favorite Quote: Live,Laugh,Love

Favorite Tones:

  • I knew you were in trouble By: Taylor Swift
  • Thrift Shop By: Macklemore
  • Creepin By: Eric Church
  • Girl on Fire By: Alicia Keys