Diary of Anne Frank


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Anne Frank / Photo / c.1940. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 2 Dec 2015.

Biography of Anne frank

Anne could have been just one of the Jews that was killed but her father published her diary to have her dream come true of being a journalist. Anne Frank was only 13 when she went into hiding with 7 other people. She couldn't have lived her life for many years. After many year of hiding, they were found and taken to concentration camps and killed. Her father lived and found her diary.

Good can become evil within seconds

In the Diary of Anne Frank, the theme "Good can become evil within seconds," is seen throughout. "Normal people become evil to the Jews because of Nazi rumors," (www.ushs.org). Many people didn't like Jews because of the signs and rumors about them. But not everything is true. Another example is when Mr. Van Daan steals the bread, "He was stealing the bread!" (425). Everyone in the Annex was very disappointed. Mrs. Frank yelled and just blew up at him which is not normal for her.

Hate gets you nowhere

In the Diary of Anne Frank, the theme "hate gets you nowhere," is seen throughout. Mr. Frank says, "we don't need the nazis to destroy us. We're destroying ourselves." (426). He means that the people in the Annex are getting worse attitude and behavior each day. Anne states, "You are the most intolerable, insufferable boy I've Eder met" (384). Anne is being mean to Peter after he was joking with her. Her attitude is bad.
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Anne is like a book. She is an adventure but hard to understand sometimes she speaks her mind most of the time which is just like a book. The author speaks their mind into a book. Anna would best be described as a book because she is confusing and hard to figure out but in the end it all makes sense.