Digital Footprint

By: Xavier Ahuad

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is the ‘trail’ you leave on the internet. It is important to to pay attention to your digital footprint as it can impact your life at a later time. Your digital footprint is very important to your digital identity as it is a trace of everything of you have ever done on the internet. It is important to have a good digital footprint because anyone can look you up and see anything you ever posted, shared, liked or commented on. Even if you delete something people can still find it. It is key to have a positive Digital Footprint as more and more employers are checking backgrounds to see if the people they're going to hire are who they say they are. almost anything you post can affect your Digital Footprint and potentially ruin your chances of a job or in the worst case get you in trouble.

Examples of my Social Media

What does my Digital Footprint say about me?

For the most part I feel that I have a good Digital Footprint. I do not have anything bad that can go against me and any employers, school faculty or family want to see my accounts they will not find anything bad on them that can ruin my reputation.

Why is it important to have a good Digital footprint?

It is important to have a good digital footprint because now in this day in age many employers look at not only your resume but your online accounts to see if you are who you say you are. Your accounts should be honest and truthful. If your accounts are full of lies or mean things people can see that and it can ultimately ruin your reputation with people.

If you have a bad digital footprint and employers find out (especially if it is a tech job) that employer may not want to hire you. Having a bad Digital Footprint can also get you into trouble. If you have a account with mean or hurtful things a employer can see and fire you from your job because they don't want you to represent the company in a bad way. The school that you go to can also suspend you from attending if they find anything they do not like on your accounts

Why is it important to maintain a good Digital Footprint for the future?

It is important to have a good Digital Footprint in the future because anyone can look up anything you have ever posted. One bad post you made a few years ago can ruin your chances of getting a job in the future. It also increases the chance of you getting accepted to a collage or job if they see you are responsible and you do not do anything bad.

How can I improve my online Identity?

  • Imagine if your parent were reading what you were saying and think if they would approve
  • Make smart choices on what you post
  • Make your account truthful
  • Don't make posts about someone without their consent
  • Have pictures of you
  • Only post if it is helpful, inspirational, true, necessary or kind

Important things I've learned of the semester about Digital Footprint.

The first time I heard about a Digital Footprint I had no idea what it was, but after learning what it was I realized that I was following the rules the whole time. After learning about what a Digital Footprint Is I had a new perspective on what I do online and now i'm even more careful on what I post and what I do online. I also began attempting to make my own profiles better by putting pictures of me as my profile pictures and updating my bio so people know who I am. I also have become more aware of what I post an have stopped myself a few times on commenting something that may not be helpful to the conversation because of the affect it may have on my Digital Footprint.