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NCVPS Spanish 1 with Sra. Kilburn

Progress Reports filed last week, 2nd Qtr. Grade Report Early January

A progress report was filed last week for your student's progress in Qtr. 2. The Qtr. 2 Final grade report will be filed Jan. 12th.

Last week for Unit 4 Required Live Classes, 2 dates four time slots left !

I have sent the students the attached reminder of the remaining time slots for Unit 4 RLC. Please encourage them to get this done as these can not be made up.

Assignments closings

The students are now all aware that each week's assignments close permanently the following Friday at midnight and zeros are given for work that has not been submitted. It is very, very important for them to stay on pace. All of Unit 3 closed Friday and they are now to work on Unit 4. Lessons 1 and 2 will close end of this week.

I have sent them information with how to cope if they are way, way behind. Here is a link to the information they are receiving. It is never too late to catch up. The NCVPS grading policy makes that possible. Here is the link. Be sure to encourage them to keep at it no matter how far behind they are.

Required Live Classes

The students are required to attend 10 Live Classes via the virtual classroom Blackboard Collaborate during the course of the year. One live class for the Getting Started and one for each unit. They have been told to look at the calendar of classes for the semester and to take note of when they plan to attend each Unit's class. At this point, they should have already attended 2, Getting Started and Unit 1. Please check with your student and make sure they are arranging this. After attending the Live Class they submit a write up to get credit for the attendance assignment. Most students find these classes very helpful and frequently attend more than the required amount

How can you tell how your student is doing?

On the course landing page, on the left hand margin, there is a link called "Grades". If you open this, you can see which assignments have been done and the grade they received. The students have been told to print out the Schedule of Assignments and use it as a check list as a way to keep track of completed work as well.

The Learning Block - Important to read daily and to read past posts if out for some reason

The Learning Block is a forum inside our course where I post daily announcements, reminders, celebrations, and instructional tips. This is the place in the course where the students can hear directly from me regarding conceptual topics in the course. When the student first opens Moodle, they are bounced directly into this forum. Many of the students are reading and responding to my comments there but I also still have students missing out on valuable instruction. Please help your student become used to reading announcements daily and if out for some reason to read past announcements.

In need of help?

Is your student in need of some extra help? The Peer Tutoring Center is an excellent option! I also highly recommend the use of our tutors with Final Project studying!

Sra. Kilburn

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