Raoul Wallenburg

Taylor Black, 5th period


Raoul Wallenburg is one of the most recognized and heroes and recruiters of the jews in the holocaust. He saved many jews in Budapest, Hungary, and roughly 100,00 lives and hid them in Switzerland.

Life of Raoul Wallenburg

Raoul Wallenburg was born August 4, 1912 to a very well-known and wealthy family. It was a family that contributed a lot to bankers, diplomats, and politicians. Wallenberg's grandfather had dreams of him becoming a banker, but Wallenburg had other interests in trade and architecture. He stated, " I am not made to be a banker, i think my talents lie elsewhere. I want to do something more positive than sit behind a desk all day telling people no." In 1935, he received a bachelors degree in architecture and science at the university of Michigan. The market for architecture in Switzerland wasn't very high, so his grandfather sent Wallenburg to South Africa to practice his profession.

In the spring of 1944, the world started noticing and opening their eyes to Hitler's actions and plans to get rid of the Jewish and start concentration camps which is where he planned to kill them. By the time Wallenburg arrived in Budapest July 9, 1944, more than 440,000 jewish had already been sent to concentration camps.Almost all of them had been sent to auschwitz-birkenau, the largest extermination camp. One way Wallenburg tried to save the jewish was to help them escape and get them into Sweden, then give them Swedish protective passes, or "schutzpass", to protect them from nazis. Wallenberg chased down many jews to give them these passes. At many times,Wallenburg put his own life in danger in order to save the jews. One event that occured was when nazis were invading a Swedish protected building and he shouted " If you want them, you'll have to shoot me first!".

Wallenburg was later sent to a Soviet prison, which he supposedly died. but the reasoning to his death is still not confirmed.


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Video Footage:

Raoul Wallenberg Documentary Trailer

Additional information

~He was the first secretary to the Swedish embassy.

~He is credited for saving thousands of jews in the holocaust.

~Prior to the holocaust, he was a member of the army.

~His first job was redesigning and making schutzpasses.

~His religion was Lutheran.

~He graduated from the university of Michigan.


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www.history.com is a reliable source for information because it is known to be well-trusted and they can prove their information.
www.raoulwallenburg.org is reliable source for information because it is known as the raoul wallenburg committee of the United stateside is also a organization. their mission is to enlighten people all over The world about true heroism, his life and also what he did to save lives.


Although Wallenburg is known as being a major hero in the holocaust, we must not forget the courage, persistence, and intelligence he had. He is the reason some families are still alive. Even when he failed to succeed, he never let it stop him and give up.