Alex Barrera

My Personality Type


people say there always on top of everthing like are they? Do they always think there useing both sides of there brain will let me tell you people only use one side of there brain the most but actully they really use both. People only have one side of the brain they use the most some use the left, some use the right side, my side of the brain i use the most is my right side it seems like i have more usege of my right side when i think but when i dont think i fell like im useing my left because im not making good desitions but i manly use my right side even tho we all use both sides.
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Behavioral style

My behavior style is i focuses on people and social aspects and i consider the weel-being of others i also evaluate information by useing feelings and instincts.

Analyytical style

focuses on tasks and details, takes a logical approach amd considers every aspect of a given problem also evaluates informaton through abstract thinking, avoiding incomplete data and has a high tolerance for uncertainty.

#1 Blue

i have a blue peraonality type. That means i am really concerned in feelings, i am friendly,obtamistic, and nurtering,. when i communicate i express emotions, am mannerly and indirect, it frustrates when people think negative case conflect, and the rude.