Shifting Educational Goals Towards a Better Tomorrow!

It's not just about the textbook definition!

  • Understanding vocabulary is more than just understanding the "textbook" definition
  • Understand and know how the words are used also
  • Tier system that shows the level of understanding required as students become more proficient

Rethink the way you teach!

  • Teach the students in ways that will engage them and help them to master their comprehension of the English language
  • Tier 2 words pertain to the academic language that they hear often
  • Do not try to teach them every word possible, pick the most common ones
  • Several online tools like "instragrok", "wallwisher" and "thinklink" all allow for easy implementation of Tier 2 words

How I will implement a new way of thinking!

Shift 6- Shifting to a new way of teaching and planning

Differentiate your lessons!

Shift 6 is a new way of thinking and lesson planning.

  • It is not important to focus on literary terms as a whole, but to focus on the words that students are most likely to encounter.
  • Teachers should not rely solely on synonyms of words, but teach that word as a whole.
  • They should teach not only how the word is used in context, but why that word was chosen, when another word may have been used as well.
  • Why chose ignite instead of start? There is a reason certain words are chosen, and it is important to discuss this with students.
  • Explain each word, and even have them use these words in their own written responses to their readings.


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