Peruvian Food Culture

Kate Zele

Native Foods & Dishes

Native foods sources:

  • The guinea pig is a common dish in Peru, it is not unusual that they are raised in rural homes.
  • Corn is also a native food source.

Native dishes

  1. Ceviche: Raw fish marinated in citrus juice. The acid in the fruit “cooks” the fish. It is spiced with red onion and aji pepper, and served at lunch with sweet potato or choclo, a white Andean corn. You can drink the leftover citrus marinade, which is known as leche de tigre, tiger’s milk.
  2. Lucuma: Tree fruit that looks like a mango, but it has a custardy taste. It’s commonly used as a flavoring in desserts, and is popular as a flavor of ice cream.
  3. Papa Rellena: A traditional croquette filled with a spicy ground beef mixture. Ground beef is stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, garlic, cumin, garlic and paprika. Hard boiled eggs and black olives are added. Mashed potatoes are molded around a center of the meat mixture and formed like a potatoes.
  4. A Cremolada: Mix between ice cream and a flavored fruit drink; like a slushy, but made with lots of fresh fruit pulp, water and sugar. Often served in a plastic beaker it's eaten with a spoon and sipped.
  5. Alfajores: In Peru Alfajores consist of two layers of fine and crumbly cookies filled with Manjar Blanco.

Exotic Peruvian Food

Herbs and Spices

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