Digital Learning Day 2014!

How did it go?

Digital Learning Day 2014 Large

142 Flyer Views!

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From 7 Locations Around the World!

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We posted our events to Facebook and Twitter for our community to follow during the day. We added three new Twitter followers for a grand total of 26!

On Facebook, within the first ten minutes of each post we had at least 10 clicks. Around 30 people were following us in real time all day long. By 3pm, some posts had up to 80 clicks. Within 24 hours of the event, our top post had 146 clicks! Think about the amount of information we were able to deliver about digital learning at our school!

#1 Post: Mrs. Koobs Morning Imagine Learning Program (146 Clicks!)

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Top 6 Runner UP Posts!

How many clicks? Look at the list!

SMART Board stations, 17, Schatz

Multiplication Thinking Blocks website 17, Miss Clark

Imagine Leaning, 17, Koobs

Kahn Academy morning, 19 , 4th Grade Team

Learning English, 19, Koobs

Computer Programming, 20, Teena

Digital Media 3 math problem solving strategies, 21, Mrs. Williams

SMART Board Missing Vowels, 22, Schatz

Laptop View of Race to 100, 23, Mrs. Schatz

Communication and Collaboration Computer Programming, 23, Teena

Imagine Learning Full Swing, 23, Koobs

Google Docs Story Problems, 24, Mrs. Williams

Kahn activities, 24, 4th Grade Team

SMART Board 3 letter words, 25, Schatz

ipad Display, 26, Moore, 26, Teena

Kahn Academy Support, 26, 4th Grade Team

Kahn Academy Full Swing, 28, 4th Grade Team

Prezi/PowerPoint/GoogleDocs, 29, Mrs. Williams

Hour of Code, 29, Teena

Brain Pop Science, 58, Blackhall

Personal Narrative Wiki, 62, Suter

Reading Raven, 66, Grandi

Westward Wiki, 66, Cooper

Imagine Leraning, 68, Carlson

Codeacademy, 68, Farbarick

iPads Thinking Blocks, 68, Kupper

Read Write Think, 72, Kiosterud

QR codes morning math, 72, Gibson

SMART Board story themes, 74, Dubs

SMART board Shuffle, 75, Moore

Kahn Hint Buttons, 75, 4th Grade Team

Imagine Learning, 76, Carlson

Phonics Tic Tac Toe, 76, Newton

Comic Life, 76, Hays

Idustrial Rvolution SMART Board, 79, Cooper

Microsoft Word Opinion Writing, 79, Bangert

Digital Portfolios, 79, Ghori

Kahn Academy, 80, 4th Grade Team

Wiki SMART Board, 80, Cooper

Kahn Earning Points, 80, 4th Grade Team

Kahn Watching Videos, 80, 4th Grade Team

Story Cubes, 81, Kiosterud

Digital Recorders, 81, Moore

Thinking Blocks App, 81, Kupper

SMART Board, 82, Gibson

Imagine Learning, 83, Blackhall

Codeacademy 3rd grade, 83, Farbarick

Teach Me Kindergarten App, 84, Gibson

Kahn Academy, 86, 4th Grade Team

Collar Mix Augmented Reality, 88, Allie

Google Earth, 94, Newton

Google Docs Timelines, 95, Hays

Kidspiration, 96, Gibson

Story Kit, 100, Weeks

Race to 100 SMART board, 100, Mrs. Schatz

Wiki Narratives, 102, Suter

Addition SMART Board Practice, 103, Gibson

Educreations, 104, Grandi

Imagine Learning K, 105, Gibson

SMART Board Word Scramble, 105, Schatz

Kahn Academy Morning Club, 108, 4th Grade Team

QR Codes, 115, Gibson

Kahn Academy Avatars, 115, 4th Grade Team

morning maps Kidspiration, 118, Gibson

Computer Programming, 121, Teena

Thinking Blocks Website, 125, Miss Clark

Codeacademy Fabarik, 132, Farbarik

Personal Experience Wiki, 134, Suter

Imagine Learning Morning, 146, Koobs

THANK YOU to all who participated! A special thanks to Principal Henikman and Mrs. Graves!