Leader of all gods Greek Mythology

Thesis Statement

Zeus the god of the sky is also the leader of all of the gods. He helped his brother and sister out and he faught in a big war against the Titans


Zeus Godof the Sky made Cronus vomit up his brother and sister. They joined him in a universe war between the Titans and Cronus. After they accomplished the battle they all split up. Zeus became leader of all the gods.


For example Zeus is the master god he controls the sky and everyone else


"Zeus made Cronus throw up his brother and sister".


This shows Zeus demonstrated that he is the best in Olympus. He is the father of Poseidon and Hercules, they are also god. He had 2 sons with different girls and his wife got angry. He is brave because he is the leader of everyone and tells them what to do.


All though Zeus is the strongest god of all. Zeus is a leader and everyone looks up to him no matter what. Zeus still impacts us today because he showed and still shows his braveness and is leadership.