Mechanical Engineer

Carter Bogan Individual Career Plan

What is a Mechanical Engineer?

A Mechanical Engineer is considered a manual labor type of job meaning that you work on a lot of hands on jobs.A career in this field defers on works on helping develop new work for technicians in this field.

What to know about a Mechanical Engineers


Educational Steps & Requirements

-Go into the stem academy(Science,Technology,Engineering,Math)

-Graduate high School

-Apply to a 4 year college or a trade school

-Graduate with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering

-Eventually job shadow


In 2015 Mechanical Engineers in the U.S made an average income of $70,146. The income depends on what company and project your working on.

Illinois Statistics

-Total people employed as Mechanical engineers is 270,700

-Chicago IL income average $88,161

-Top Income 126,430


-Test machinery

-Analyze equipment results

-Assembles machinery,systems,gear

-prepares complex machinery for testing

-lays out construction processes

-Analyzes the price for equipment and jobs

About Me

Im currently a student at Joliet West High School. I hope to got to Michigan state university to get into their really good school of engineering.My dream job is to make it to the NFL because i love would be hard to make it to the league so i have to have a backup career.Mechanical engineering is and important part of manufacturing and getting the technology we have today. Machinery is interesting and with engineers helping with the development of technology. With engineering time passes really fast with you working on different projects everyday. I will be a good fit for this job and im ready to get into this career already.