Twiddle Tumbs

The STRETCHY Boredom Killer!

Twiddle Tumbs Description

Standing in line for a roller coaster, waiting in the room outside the dentists office. We all have to wait for things in our daily lives, and we all have one emotion when we do. BOREDOM. But wait no more! Twiddle Tumbs are a stretchy, durable, clean, and dry glob of jelly, that you can punch, roll, bounce, twist, stretch, squish, fold, and kill boredom with! When waiting, create and destroy this moldable jelly, and your boredom will vanish in a flash! It has quick and easy storage in the case that comes with it, FREE!

Individual Sale: $2.50.

TT-Pack (4 Twiddle Tumbs packets): $9.70

Twiddle Tumbs is available in multiple colors such as

Why buy Twiddle Tumbs?

Twiddle Tumbs is scientifically proven to deplete boredom, improve attitudes, and boosts thinking levels and creativeness. It reduces stress with kids that have a lot going on in their lives, and great for growing children or for teens who get bored easily. It works in any situation, not only in lines! Many average people, like you, who wait in long lines, say this has been very helpful for them, because their kids are finally occupied with something productive! The kids are also saying that Twiddle Tumbs is a fun, captivating object, that they won't ever wait without!

How are Twiddle Tumbs better than any other Brand?

  • Twiddle Tumbs are much more cleaner and neater to play with.
  • They are much more moldable
  • Twiddle Tumbs , since they are efficient to clean, causes much less stress,
  • It doesn't become as dirty
  • It sticks to things, but it is not slimy.
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95% of people who buy this product are satisfied with their purchase, and we are confident that you will too, or you get your money back! Everyone want's a part of Twiddle Tumbs! This has even captured the attention of mega famous Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! Selena Gomez states in an interview,

" These Twiddle Tumbs is really useful to me, when you squeeze it, it really reduces the stress Hollywood puts on a star, you know."

Health Risks

Twiddle Tumbs is scientifically tested to be non-toxic, and water proof, and is safe for children.