Travel Guide To Planet Earth

By: Taylor Dick

Places you should visit!

Mt. Everest and good/bad things about it

You should definitely visit Mt. Everest in Tingri, Xigaze, China. It is very fun, but scary. You should go there for factual reasons: It is the tallest mountain, don't you want to climb the tallest mountain! Another reason is because if you live (not scare you or anything), wouldn't you want to brag about how you climbed Mt. Everest! Did you know: 3,100 people were recorded climbing Mt. Everest in 2011!?


*Lots of wildlife

*You will lose up to 25 pounds

*Fun to climb (usually)


*Climbing it


*Depth hoars

*Very cold tempatures

Other mountains nearby:



Travel tips and packing list for Mt. Everest

Travel Tips:

Beware of avalanches!

Make sure to look at the view!!

Beware of mountain spiders!

Be sure to bring spike shoes!!

Packing List:

*Oxygen Canisters

*Wet Wipes

*Camera *Very cold temperatures

*Satellite phone

*Two-way radio

*Foot powder

*Socks, layers of cloths, Hats, Gloves, Face mask, Boots

*Harness (Alpine)

*Ice ax


*Head lamp

*Biscuits, Chocolate, Soup


*Cooking Materials

The Midway Atoll and its good/bad things

The Midway Atoll in Midway Island, is cool, but there is two things you should know: 1. There is trash all over. 2. The only way you can get there is basically by bike. So make sure you come prepared! I am not sure if you should swim there, but if you are going there anyway, you should just bring your swim suit just in case. The Midway Atoll is really pretty so if your going to bring your camera, I would bring some extra batteries because you will be taking a lot of pictures!



*Lots of wildlife

*Sight seeing



*Some mean animals

*Tens of thousands of birds died because of the trash

There are no atolls nearby.

Travel tips and packing list for the Midway Atoll

Travel Tips:

Don't get caught in a pool of sharks!

Make sure to look at the pretty reefs!!

Try to avoid the trash!

Don't miss the fish, they're fast!!

Packing List:


*Bathing Suit

*Monument permit


*Bike (if your biking there)

Fjords of Norway and good/bad things about it

The Fjords of Norway in Norway are beautiful. You should REALLY go there. Plus it will be fun! You could take a boat ride do other activities and climb the Fjords. Just there might be a lot of people there. This place is really cool! Especially the view. Don't fall off!


*The view


*Glacier walking




*Very high up


There are no Fjords near the Fjords of Norway.

Travel tips and Packing List

Travel Tips:

Lots of tourists, try not to get lost!

Enjoy the view!!

Careful not to fall over an edge!

Go fishing while your there, why not!!

Packing List:

*A hat (like a summer hat)


*Sun block

*Tennis shoes


Margerie Glacier and its good/bad things

The Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park and preserve, Alaska is beautiful! It is really cool and cold, but so worth it because of how beautiful it is and it is really cool if you actually get to see a piece if the Glacier fall off. Make sure you have your camera or phone handy because that would be a really awesome video.



*Home for some animals


*Only get there by boat or air

*breaks off and could hurt animals

Other Glaciers nearby:

*Grand Pacific

Travel tips and Packing List for the Margerie glacier

Travel Tips:

Don't forget a camera!

Take in all the beauty!!

Be carefully not to hit small floating pieces of ice!

Packing List:

*Winter coat

*Winter gloves

*Winter hat

*Thick pants/snow pants


Cerce Valley and its good/bad things

You should definitely visit the Cerce Valley in France. It is beautiful and is a great climbing/hiking experience. You should probably bring a umbrella because it could rain at any time at all. It would also be helpful if you brought a group, it usually is. Also, there might not be like any people there, just so you know.


*Lots of wildlife

*Good habitat




*Weather is unpredictable, it could rain at any second.

Cerce Valley has many Valleys around it because it is in the Death Valley.

Travel tips and Packing List

Travel Tips:

Don't forget your Camera!

The view is amazing!!

Don't get lost!

Packing List:


*Tennis shoes


*Summer clothing

3 Ways we divide the Earth

1st Way we divide the Earth

Time zones are the first way we divide up the Earth. You should know about time zone if you are going to visit the places I recommended you because some laces you could go from it being 4-22-15 to 4-23-15 an get everything confused because you don't know about time zones. Basically time zones are there because the sun hits one part of the Earth at a time so it would not make since to have the same times all around the world because then kids would be at school when its dark out.

2nd Way we divide the Earth

Hemispheres is another way we divide up the Earth. Hemispheres divide the Earth in four half's. It is divided into four half's because of the seasonal tilt. They made it that way because of the equator and prime meridian, and because of North, South, East, and West. A way to remember the name of them and how they are in orders is to know your North, South, East, and West.

3rd Way we divide the Earth

Continents is the 3rd way we divide the Earth. There is many ways to divide the Earth in Continents. The most simple way is the way I show in the picture to the right. That picture shows the Earth in seven ways: North, South, and Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. To me it is the most simple way, but do it any way you like.

Where did I get my Pictures?

You will find all of these pictures on google if you type in something like Mt. Everest you will find my pictures that I used for my flyer. Hope you enjoyed!!!

Where did I find my information?

I found my information on these sites: