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Weekly Updates for the week of November 30th

Almost halfway

It is hard to believe that there is only 15 days left to the second quarter. After Winter Break we will start the 2nd semester of school. The students overall have been really struggling with following the expectations they set at the beginning of the year. I will be reviewing them with the class this week. I know this time of year brings a lot of excitement, but we still have a lot of learning that needs to take place. The biggest areas we need to work on are talking, following directions, and working hard to complete work on time.


We will be taking NWEA this week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. We will be taking it on iPads in our room this time.

What's Happening This Week

· Writer's Workshop:

During our current Reading unit, the students developed questions they had on gorillas. We will be working in groups to research the answers to our questions. The students will work together to write a paragraph that answers their questions.

· Reader's Workshop: How can you determine the author's point of view about a topic? How does an author use facts to support his/her opinion?

We will be using clues from an informational text to determine the author's point of view about a topic. The students will then tell their point of view of the same topic and will discuss similarities and differences between the two points of view. We will also be discussing how an author uses facts to support their opinion.

· Math Workshop: What strategies do we use when multiplying numbers?

We will be finishing our multiplication units and will be reviewing those concepts. The students will be taking a multiplication quiz on Friday.

· Social Studies: We will start our next Social Studies Unit is on how communities change. We will be discussing how Fishers has changed over time, the factors that causes a community to change, and Native American Tribes that were in our area.


Due to my computer not being able to print there is no Weekly Homework sheet for this week. I told the students that if they still wanted to read and record in on notebook paper I would count it has extra credit.

Specials Classes this Week

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Computer

Friday: Art

Library Check Out is on Tuesday!

Upcoming CRES Events

December 4th: Dress as your favorite book character day
December 17th: Music Program
December 21-January 4th: Winter Break
Scholastic Book Orders

Our class code is J2T64