Welcome Back Teachers!

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Welcome Back!

I can't wait to collaborate with all of you this year! It is a very exciting year with the Chromebook pilot program coming to our school and I'm looking forward to working with all teachers involved in the program to fully integrate this technology into their classrooms!

Ms. Butler and I have a lot of technology workshops planned this year to help you. I will add the schedule to this newsletter as soon as it is available.

There are a few bits of information you need:

  • The schedule is different this year so it makes it hard for me to have more than one class in the library at a time. As always, I will work hard to make sure I accommodate everyone. Below are links to the library and lab calendars. If you want to schedule library or lab time please come see me or email me at emalespi@somsd.k12.nj.us
  • Book Fair is coming up so please use the Google Doc below to sign up for times to bring your classes.
  • English Teachers: we need to do SRI testing so please fill out the Google Doc with a time you want to bring your classes in to accomplish this.
  • Remind 101 - The library will be using Remind 101 to send information via text to students and parents. Make sure to join our group - If you would like to use it for your classroom let me know and I will help set you up.
  • Locker Libraries - There are now lockers filled with books on each floor of the school. There are two on the 2nd floor (one in the 6th grade hallway and one in the 8th grade hallway). These lockers have a variety of books which students can take and read. We also ask that students donate their own books to the library. I will be trying to monitor the lockers but if you have a classroom by one of the lockers I'm asking if you can check in every once in awhile to make sure everything is good.
  • Library Edmodo Group - Please join the new group http://edmo.do/j/eqh0jo.
  • I am looking for students to be part of the library "geek" squad. They will help with technology. Please let your students know to come see me if they would like to join.
  • Attached is a link to my symbaloo page which has links to all the databases as well as links for many good websites. I have also included my library in a pocket QR code flyer which you can share with your students.

Library Class Schedule 2013-2014

Lab Schedule 2013-2014

SRI Testing Information

Here is the link to the Google Doc - If you would like to add in your classes feel free to do so but I understand it is a rather confusing document - (it is the only way I could visualize the schedule)

Book Fair Sign Up Sheet

Here is the link to the Google Doc - If you would like to add in your classes feel free to do so but I understand it is a rather confusing document.

Remind 101 Library Group - Join in!

Library Symbaloo Web Mix

Library in your pocket

Locker Library

List of Teacher Created Edmodo Groups

Check out this amazing list of Edmodo groups that you can join. There is a group for almost every topic! A great PD resource!