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Heather Smith & Adriane Reinelt

May 20, 2016

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Hat Day!!

On Wednesday, May 25th (If you saw the flyer in Friday folders there was a typo on the date. The flyer said March 25 on accident!) bring a $1 and wear a hat to help the student lighthouse team raise money to get new art supplies for SCAMP!


Book orders are due Thursday, May 26th and this will be our last order of this third grade year! (Where has the time gone?!) This would be a great opportunity to stock up on some books for summer. Please place orders online or send in order sheets and checks made out to Scholastic to school.

Leader in Me- Habit 7 Sharpen the Saw

This week, leaders practiced the heart and soul aspect of sharpen the saw. We visited Drawing Children into Peace, a website teaching kids how to draw, and took a quite moment to ourselves. Leaders loved this website and were able to connect to their creative side and talk a relaxing break from all of the stresses in life.

Leader in Me Home Learning Conversation: Ask your leader what they drew and how they felt as we did this sharpen the saw activity.

Math Fact May Progress - We're down to 2 weeks :) Keep practicing!!!

Math Fact Fluency Class Progress:

  • 100% of our mathematicians have mastered addition facts.
  • 95% of our mathematicians have mastered subtraction facts and have moved on to mastering multiplication facts.
  • 10% of our mathematicians have mastered multiplication facts and have moved on to mastering division facts.

Math Fact Fluency - 100% by June

Continue to have your mathematician practice his/her basic facts for at least 10 minutes each night. Your child may practice facts in any one of the following ways:

  • card games - Each student was gifted a deck of cards and a card game book in December.
  • flashcards - Each student has been given his/her own set of triangle flashcards.
  • online games - Need suggestions, see our classroom website.
  • board games
  • etc...

Please refer to your child's Math Fact Progress Chart in his/her Story of Learning Portfolio to practice the appropriate operation. Your child should master addition first, followed by subtraction, and then multiplication.

It is expected that 3rd grade mathematicians master with 100% accuracy addition and subtraction basic facts by June. Mastery of multiplication facts is not expected in 3rd grade as multiplication is an introductory concept. Mastery of multiplication facts is a 4th grade expectation. However those students who have mastered addition and subtraction will work towards beginning mastery of multiplication facts.

Addition and subtraction fact progress is monitored through XtraMath.org and can be completed at home or at school. Your child's process can be viewed by logging on to XtraMath.org or by viewing the Math Fact Progress Chart in the portfolio.

Math - Fractions on a Number Line

We have been continuing to explore fractions this week by creating our own fractions on a number line representing 1 whole, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8.

  • We continue to remain SECURE in our understanding that a fraction represents a part of a whole.
  • We are now SECURE our understanding of representing various fractions by drawing and shading fraction parts in different models (bars, circles, etc).
  • We are DEVELOPING to explore similarities and differences between fractions by using the following mathematical language: equivalent (equal), greater than, and less than.

Math Home Learning Conversation: Have your mathematician share his/her learning of fractions and the similarities and differences that were discussed with our fraction number lines.

Reading- Reading Strategies

Readers began reading strategy stations to make sure we remember all of the strategies we have learned over the course of this year. The four rotations are inferences, main idea, character traits and summary. Groups visit one station each day and we will rotate around so each reader will practice every strategy.

Reading Assessment- Each reader has made 3 independent level jumps this year! I am so proud of our readers and the amazing gains they have made in reading!! All of our readers are ready for fourth grade :) I love how much they love to read!

Reading Home Learning Conversation: Ask your reader to explain what activities they did to practice reading strategies.

Writing- Passion Project

Our presentations are taking longer than expected because writers are doing such an amazing job adding detail and making posters and google slides look great! We have spent the week getting our presentations ready and making sure we are practicing how we want to present our information. Writers will be assessed on how well they used their time during this project, how engaging and informational their presentation was and also if they used and cited 2 different sources.

We look forward to beginning presentations next week!

Writing Home Learning Conversation: Ask your writer how they are going to present their information and how they have practiced for this presentation.

Social Studies - Early Michigan People

We have been researching the influence of British soldiers on Michigan by exploring the following questions:

  • Where did they come from?
  • How did they get to Michigan?
  • Why did they come to Michigan?
  • Who did they interact with?
  • What events are important to Michigan's early history.

We are demonstrating our understanding by creating journal entries as British.

Social Studies Home Learning Conversation: Ask your historian to share what he/she has learned about the British soldiers.

Camp Invention Summer Camp

This is a great summer camp. Click on the flier link below for more information.

Camp Invention flier