General Research

Follow the Model Steps

Don't Google first, instead use Databases!

Googling is okay initially as you are determining your focus, but when actually researching, don't google-use Databases instead!

Why should I use Databases?

  • Trustworthy information
  • Auto cite for you :)
  • Some are even audio enabled-pull out your ear buds!

Go to the NCWiseOwl link below!

From home, you will need the pw: wiseowl16

Databases to use from NCWiseOwl

  • Literary Reference Center
  • Explora
  • InfoTrac Newstand
  • Points of View
  • TOPIC Search
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Need More Help, Try This!

If You Still Need to Google After All This...Here are some tips!

Searching Tips-Google

What will help make your search easier?

  • Use specific language. Don't type in dogs if you are looking for information on poodles.

  • If you can, use several words in your search but not an entire question.

  • Use the Search Tools feature within google

  • Use quotes to search for a phrase.

  • Don't settle for the first website that comes up. Look for good information.

Remember to check the domain names: .gov and .edu are usually your best information, then .org though they can be heavily biased. The domains .net and .com are commercial and their purpose is commonly to sell or persuade. Some domain from overseas may be unusual like .uk from the United Kingdom.