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All About Middle Earth

Between ice of the North and the fire of the South

Middle Earth is the central continent of Earth and an imaginary period of the Earth's past also where the name 'Middle Earth' comes from.


  • Germanic mythology
  • developed through a process of folk etymology
  • eventually the word middangeard was turned into middle-earth or a misconception
  • middangeard actually means middle enclosure not middle earth

Definition of Middangeard

  • (mid-en-yard)
  • The part of the world inhabited by men, imagined as a fortress encircled by a huge serpent and built by the gods around the middle region of the universe.

Interesting facts about Middle Earth

  • Every species living in Middle Earth has its own language
  • There are other lesser known species such as ents
  • Middle Earth is a part of his created world of Arda which is a part of (also his creation)
  • Arda was built originally for elves and men