Treasurer's Update

October 14, 2016

September Financial Reports

Attached to this email are the September Financial Reports.

Page 3: The negative amounts in the four grant funds listed may appear higher than usual. This money is spent first and then requested from the State. Before I can request the money, the grant budgets have to be approved. We received notice that the budgets for some of the grants have been approved, so I will be able to request reimbursement this month.

Page 4: I have included a new report this month on page 4 of the financial reports. This is a fund balance comparison report. The comparison report that you usually get (pages 5 & 6) are only in regard to the General Fund (001). The new fund balance report compares all of the different funds - this year to last year and this month versus last month. This is something I find helpful to see where all of the funds are compared to last year as well as seeing how the year is progressing, financially.

Page 5: State funding has increased over last year, as expected.

Salaries & Wages are higher year over year by quite a bit. In 2016, there were three pay dates in September, and there were just two in 2015. This accounts for most of the difference. Additionally, an increase in this expense line was expected due to the increases built into the new negotiated agreements, and the new positions added to the District.

If you have any ideas of what you would like to see differently in your financial reports, let me know!

Cost of New Positions this School Year Report

The total cost of the new employees to our District this fiscal year is $415,632.

I have attached a cost analysis of the new employees to the District for the 2016-17 school year. I looked at all of the new positions created and the new employees that entered the District as a result of those new positions. I then reviewed their salaries, benefits, and retirement contributions to determine the cost to the district.

From left to right, the report reads as follows:

New position created, new employee to the District, the new employee's position, and the notes regarding movement among positions set in motion by the creation of the new position. The costs listed are those relating to the new employee.

As listed on the attached spreadsheet, there are 6 new certified positions, 4 supplementals, and 3 new classified positions.

Five-Year Forecast

I am working on the Five-Year Forecast. I will send that in a separate email communication closer to the Board Meeting.